First off I would like to say that I really liked this movie. It was very informative and was well put together. I didn’t know what to expect coming to watch it, but now I understand why this movie was chosen and explains a lot about how families with deaf parents go about their daily lives and all the circumstances they go through. I would recommend this movie to everyone because I think it would make everyone understand a lot more about the Deaf Culture and it was an awesome film.

I learned quite a few new things from this movie, that if you are deaf and lose your hand or fingers that you are basically an outsider to both the deaf and hearing world. I didn’t really think about that happening, but I now understand that having all your fingers and being able to show expression are really important. Another thing that I learned is back when this movie was made how deaf didn’t sign in front of hearing. This action showed me how explicit they wanted to keep their lives and how they communicate.

I also learned that the separation between the two worlds has greatly reduced, compared to back then I would say we understand a lot more. After watching this video it left me with a couple questions. First off, like in the movie when the young lady hurt her hand, if she had lost it couldn’t she just finger spell? I know that would take a lot more time but don’t see how she would be considered an outsider if she still can communicate.

Was signing in front of hearing really hidden? I understand that no one wants to be looked at as different but at the age of Mr. and Mrs. Ryder and the circumstance would you say this was a common way to react for a little while? (not to tell their daughters husbands mother and brother they can’t hear) This movie made me understand more about how life is different and how hard it would be as a hearing child to have to be the voice for your family.

I don’t think my way of thinking changed after this video, I just learned a lot more and it made me understand how hard it must have been back in the Depression when the worlds weren’t so open to each other. After viewing this movie and being a student of ASL I understand a lot more about Deaf Culture and saw firsthand how they lived their lives amongst the hearing. That to me was very intriguing. It’s always nice to be able to put on someone else’s shoes and live and learn what they go through, no matter who they are or what obstacles they face.

Not saying that I now know what it’s like, but I definitely understand more after viewing this movie. Their were many parts of the film that impacted me a lot but one of them was when Margaret got married and moved away. She was the family’s voice and now she was gone. This part got to me because being in her position I don’t know how I would have reacted. I know that I would want to live my life but probably would have had to live close to my parents and still be able to help them out.


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