Butterflies in your stomach, the warm feeling throughout your body, they way they laugh, look, or love. Everyone has welcomed this feeling. Love, Love is a wonderful feeling, enjoying the emotion can bring happiness. But, what if, the person you admired was the same gender. Imagine having the feeling of love, while the world expresses how wrong your love is. Same sex partners have to deal with this treatment on a daily basis.Marriage is more than a word, or a piece of paper.

Marriage is a commitment between two people who love each other. To some the commitment is to God, but to most the commitment is to each other. Today, in the year 2009 gay marriage is legal in six countries and two states in the United States, homosexuals are among our society. Taxpaying citizens who are teachers, lawyers, doctors, nurses, and politicians are out and open in daily lives across the world. Legality-Netherlands was the first country to allow gay marriage in 2001 Belgium was the second in 2003 Followed by Canada, South Africa, and Spain all in 2005 Church- Scriptures in the bible Christianity and Homosexuals While love should be equal, in this day and age the equality for all remains illegal. Although there are many plans in effect and people working daily to get laws passed, there will always be those individuals with their close minded opinions. Marriage whether same sex couples or heterosexual couples, should be cherished.


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