After taking the “Life Expectancy Calculator” survey I found that I am expected to live to the age of 87. I follow a fairly healthy lifestyle, I eat what I am supposed to eat and I try to stay away from fast food or sweets (even though I fall victim to the cravings at times). I don’t drink, I don’t smoke and I try to exercise as often as I can. However, I found that some of the questions did not really apply to my particular age group. I have no idea what my blood pressure or my cholesterol level is.

Are those things that I should ask my doctor about and know off the top of my head at the age of 19? There were also a lot of questions about smoking. I realize that for a smoker the follow up questions could hinder their expectancy outcome, but for those who do not smoke it got annoying clicking “No I don’t smoke” about six times in a row. The two questions that I still have no idea what they had to do with my life expectancy were the ones about air pollution and wearing my seat belt.

I wasn’t actually that shocked about my age because when my great grandmother passed around three years ago, she was 88 years old, give or take a few years. She passed away just because she was getting old and her body was catching up with her age, then everything just sort of started to go wrong. I don’t engage in any risky behavior so I would expect to live a long life, and to me 87 years is a long time to experience life.


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