In the beginning I thought that The Life Span Development course was just another psychology class that I had to pass in order to graduate. Well that is true but, what I didn’t realize is that how much potential that this class has affected my life personally, psychological, and overall physically. This course was taught professionally in a safe environment that gave me an opportunity to learn about the major developments that take place from birth across the life span.

Some of the questions I already had in mind prior starting The Life Span Development course were, How do innate and environmental factors interact? , What relationship exist between development in one period of life and development in another? And, how might differences in culture and social class shape the course development? I’m glad that all of my questions have been answered. The way that this course affected me personally was that towards the end, my child name Natalya was born.

Again, I am glad that by taking this course I am now more aware and knowledgeable of child development, the different stages they go through and the type of motor sensor’s they gain, and how a child’s brain is developed. This had all helped me with the way I speak and treat my children. Their behavior is mostly reflected by their parent’s. The developmental changes may be strongly influenced by genetic factors and events during prenatal life, genetics and prenatal development. Although, The Life Span Development course has affected me personally, but psychologically too. Psychology is the study of human behavior and thinking.

It is important because it helps you to understand yourself better. It also helps you to understand other people. If you understand psychology, you can change your own behavior and help other people to change theirs. You can also predict how other people are going to react to things. Throughout the class discussions I’ve learned a great deal about myself. We all have either a good or bad behavior. You can do a Psycho analysis to determine a person behavior. It doesn’t take long to read a person behavior. Whether it is good or bad, you are able to identify it by the first couple of minutes you talk to a person.

You can know this by using a technique call nonverbal communication which is reading body gestures, and by their face expressions. As you grow, or throughout your entire Life Span, you will realize that you can be affected by someone psychologically. If you have been strike psychologically in some way, shape, or form the next thing that Life Span Development may lead to is involving in your overall physicalness. As we reach from childhood development to adulthood, besides the fact that in change of our mental behavior and growth, we experience more about stress than anything through Life Span Development.

While stress is a well-known condition from which all human beings suffer, the effects of stress aren’t. Stress can affect our bodies not only physically, but mentally, emotionally, and behaviorally as well. There are many ways to reduce stress but, those ways will not eliminate it forever. I think you need to understand that Life is all about how you perceive it to be. People will feed off of your reactions and only you have that choice to feel a certain way. Just remember the choice is yours.

Overall, I have covered that how much potential that this class has affected my life personally, psychological, and overall physically. I hope you’ve gained something out of this by understanding about Life Span Development from prenatal to death and grieving. Throughout the world, we all have stress in our lives and remember that it is our decision to make wise choices when it comes to dealing with our emotions. Most importantly is being aware of yourself and what you’re doing. I remember a quote from Wilhelm Stekel,”People who do not understand themselves have a craving for understanding”.


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