Computer Learning Center Lagro Branch Computer System Design and Programming Thesis Project Proposal Name of Proponents: Murillo, Jaztine S. -09-10029-76 Villanueva, Maylinda A. -09-10036-76 Tajaran, Rocelyn R. -09-10146-76 Araza, mary Ann H. -09-10152-76 Foronda, Jonard C.

-09-10094-76 Proposal Thesis Title : ACLC Library System Area of Inveastigation: This project is concerned with developing a Library Invetory Management System using object oriented programming.In this system the library management becomes more efficient and esier to handle with its reliable system components. Many Library System are operated manually by group of people. In such situations many people in the process of managing the library such away that to keep records regarding to student’s or barrowers, check the books normally, keep records on issued books etc.

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The proponents use the visual basic as a basic programming language in a developing the system. Macromedia Flash will also be used for the design of the system.Reason of Choice Project: The proponents create this system to develop a system that can handle and manage the activities involved in library in an efficient and reliable way. Less managing personnel and easy searching availability and user profile managing are major goals in this project. The project is to develop a system that can replace the manual library managing system and developing a database which stores user details and book details. In addition, give reliable search facility for the users.Administrator, Librarian and Users should separate.

Logins and create an easy to understand user friendly environment. Must important is to have an attractive user interfaces to navigate through the system for the users. Importance of the Project: With the used of proposed system, the Library Management becomes more efficient and easier to handle with its reliable system components.

A database is there to store the user details and book details. This information can be retrieved by the users as per their privilege.Anyone can search the system using given specifications and the availability of the books are updated by the librarian immidiately. The project gives us the complete information about the library. The system has the capabilities to enter the record of new books and retrieve the details of books available in the library and can issue the books to the student’s and maintain their records and can also check for many books are issued and returns the issued books often the due date.

The project deals with an effort to reduce the human efforts in maintaining files of books manually which is highly tedious, inefficient, time-consuming and very error prone because the overloaded work can bed to misplacing the collected information in papers. Target User and Beneficiaries: The target user of this software is to supply the necessary material to their students. This involves the utilization for processing, accessing and retrieving the information that can effectively support the process of student’s learning decission making and scholastically approaches.Because of the organized approach and systematic management of the information the accessibility and retrieval in the lobrary can be easy. Benefits of the proposed system is to saven the extra employee for maintaining books and calculations and reduction in wastage and damage of books. The timely information and easy reporrt generation. Similarity with other Previous Studies / Project: The similarity of the project with other previoius studies in term of giving the basic concept for the users as a user-friendly sytem.

Definition of the functions of the information given by the system and the proponents used.


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