People views the Democratic Party’s ethics as opposite to the Republican Party’s.

58 percent believe that the Democratic Party tends to be very liberal on issues while 56 percent of people believe that the Republican Party is either conservative or very conservative. However more people view the Democratic Party as very Liberal than see the Republican Party as very conservative. The Democratic Party is considered a Left Wing party because of its liberal ideology while the Republican Party is a Right Wing because they tend to be associated more with conservative ideology.The Democratic Party believes in the right of every individual citizen. These rights include life, liberty,dignity, and security, equality of opportunity, justice and private ownership.

They believe each citizen should be able to attain all these without the interference of other citizen or the government. Democratic beliefs support the freedom of individuals- freedom of religion, freedom of thought, freedom of expressions, and freedom to choose. Each individual has the responsibility toward society and the nation.

Each of us by Democratic beliefs has the obligation to respect human life, to respect the life of others, to be tolerant to others, to have self- control, to respect others’ properties and to participate in the Democratic processes of this nation. In the issues of economy the Democratic Party believes that a market system in which the government regulates the economy is best. The government must protect citizens from big businesses . Liberal policies summarize the need for government to solve problems.

On the other hand the Republican Party believes in personal responsibility, limited government, free markets, individual freedom and traditional American values and strong national defense. Believe the role of government should be provide people the freedom necessary to pursuit their own goals. On the issues of economy Republican believe in free market, competition , and private enterprise create the best opportunity and the highest standard of living for all.Free markets produce more economic growth, more jobs and a higher standard of living than those systems regulate by the government. On the issue of energy Republicans believe that oil and coal resources are good energy sources and are plentiful in the United States. They believe that oil drilling should be increase both on land and at sea.

Increased domestic production of oil creates lower price and less dependence on foreign oil. On Global Warming Liberals believe that Global warming is caused by an increase production of carbon dioxide through the burning of fossil fuel .The United States is one of the contributors of Global Warming because it produces a quarter of the world carbon dioxide. While Conservative believes that changes in global temperature is natural over long period of time. Science has not proved that humans can affect permanent changes in earth’s temperature. They claimed that proposed laws to reduce carbon emissions will do nothing to help the environment and will only increase the price for all.

On Abortion Liberals believe that it is a woman’s right to decide what happen to her body.A fetus is not a human life so it doesn’t have individual rights. On the other hand Conservative believes human life begin at conception. Abortion is murder of human being. An unborn baby has the same individual rights as the mother. The two Political Parties are different because one ideology is the opposite of the other. The Democratic Party ideology tends to be more liberal and relaxed on issues, while Republican Party are more Conservative and strict.

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