Is Society Overprotected? Paul is year 25 years old and has all ready managed to rack up enough debt by blowing his money on useless things, that he was forced to claim bankruptcy.

You may be asking yourself how someone so young could get themselves into so much money troubles. As a child Paul had everything handed to him by his parents and he never learned the meaning of a dollar. Now I ask you, who is to blame? Ladies and gentleman I am here to talk to you about the overprotection of today’s children. Do parents shelter their children so much from the harsh realities of society that they can’t function in world today?Has life really changed that much over the years or have we just been frightened into thinking it has? What will happen when parents are no longer there to watch over? Children should be thought how to deal with reality, not to hide from it. For example rejection is a common part of life and will eventually make a large impact on kid’s lives as adults. If they don’t learn how to cope by developing the necessary skills of life they will start to shut down and avoid situations that could end in something like rejection.

Schools are even stepping in and stopping kids from brining party invitations to school out of the fear that some kids might feel left out. Of course some kids would feel bad or left out but at the same time this is a good opportunity to teach children how to deal with these kinds of situations. In fact, children must be thought that life will not always go their and have to be prepared to deal with it and not elude it.

People say society is a scarier place than it was 20 years ago. Is this true? Or have we just become more aware of the world around us.Take the internet for example, do we worry children might find something like pornography or are we just unsure of what they might find? Before the internet how hard was it to find things like porn? All it might have took was a quick look in Dad’s sock drawer to find his Playboy’s.

Granted you can find some rather nasty things on the web, why not just teach your kids how to use this technology properly rather then ban them from using it. Has the media had more of a negative impact on children or has it just made us fearful that their innocence will be corrupted?What will become of our society as this generations children become adults? We must make sure our children become mature responsible adults by teaching them proper coping skills and necessary life lessons. Of course we want our children to grow up to be the best they can.

We are obligated to let them experience life and not a fairytale world where life is perfect so they can reach their full potential. In other words let kids experience mistakes and heartache, so that the future will be filled with confident adults ready to take on anything rather then scared, shy, withdrawn children in adult bodies.


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