The interview process is something that everyone will experience at some point in their life. It does not matter if a person is seeking employment, trying to get them or their child into a social organization, or an entrepreneur trying sell sell their company, good interview skills are important to everyone. Good interview skills are what separate individuals that may possess equal talents.I have been fortunate to have the opportunity to have interviewed hundreds of people in both m privately owned company, and in my position as Chairman on the various governmental boards that I have been appointed.

I have learned that I should ask as many questions as possible in an effort to learn as much as I can about a candidate in the time that has been allotted. Many people feel that personal questions are off limit, but I have learned that personal questions allow you the opportunity to find out if the candidate will jeopardize the social atmosphere of your organization.If the work atmosphere is compromised, the quality of work, and (if a business) the profit margins can suffer.

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When I have served on interview panels, I have been afforded the opportunity to identify what others feel is the most important attribute any candidate can have. I have always taken note of the fact that many of my colleagues place importance on how prepared that the candidates were. This preparation included their apparel, their comfort level in answering and asking questions, and their knowledge of the organization.It has often stated that if a person is prepared for an interview, they will be prepared for work. Many people that have all of the qualifications that a specific position may require, but they lack ability to communicate their talents. Communication in an interview involves various aspects such as talking, body movement, posture, and eye contact.

During the interview process, a candidates’ confidence can be measured by the effectiveness communication techniques. When all of the skills are equal on paper, the candidate with the best communication skills normally gets the job.During my interviewing of others, I have learned many attributes that have assisted me in my personal career.

I have owned a independent insurance firm for ten years. I have focused on large commercial clients, and thus I am constantly meeting with the head of human resources or the risk manager. During these meetings, I have relied on the attributes that I have looked for in others.

I try to insure that I articulate the message that I am trying to convey with confidence that comes from being prepared.Aside from my personal business, I have also been appointed by the Mayor of our city, and the Governor of our state to various boards. During the confirmation hearings I have never known what questions would be asked, and therefore I had to be prepared for anything. Along with being prepared for any question, I had to make sure that the attire that I chose was acceptable for the occasion. I realized that my appearance would speak long before I opened my mouth.While I am a business owner, I do feel that the day will come when the skills that I have learned about the interview process will be needed more than ever. I have always had political ambitions because I wanted to follow in the footsteps of my father.

He was the first black elected official of the city that I live in, Columbus, Ms. When I was a child, he would always tell me that a man that could command the English language could rule the world. He stated the ability to be a good communicator would allow me to get my message across to any regardless of education.It is the lessons from my father and the lesson that I learned from the interview process, that I hope will help me when I try get the voter to elect me to public office.

The election process is one big interview. This interview lasts for months and is conducted many people. Whether running for a local, state, or national office, political candidates have to be prepared, dress appropriate, show confidence, and be able to communicate their qualifications. It is my hope that the skills that I have learned will be good enough, to get the job to represent the people in my district.


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