Vedhik Kodavatiganti Dr. Williams Language Arts April 23, 2010 Information on Mexico If you think Mexico is just some old run down country, you are sadly mistaken. There’s much to know about Mexico and its cities.

Mexico has a very interesting history, as well as many interesting celebrations. These are only a few things to know about Mexico. You don’t really need to know all the specific details on Mexico, so some general information will do. As I’m sure you know, Mexico’s main language is Spanish.That’s pretty basic information, but it’s nice to know. Mexico’s a pretty big country. Its area is 1,972,550 square kilometers, or 761,404 square miles.

. With all that space, they have a population of 109,955,400. With all these people , 22% work in agriculture and farming. For how many people they have,they needed some sort of currency, so know they use what is known as Peso. They even have their own national motto. “Respect for the rights of others in piece. ” Though I don’t know the lyrics, national anthem is a song called, “Mexicans, at the city of war.

Finally, the Capital of Mexico is Mexico City, Mexico. Mexico’s 1st civilization started over 40,000 years ago in Mexico. They were called the Olmecs. Many wonder how they survived so long. They survived by fishing and hunting. To them, it kill, or be killed. Around 3,000 years ago, they started growing things such as maize, beans and other crops.

The Olmecs must have really liked art because they made such great sculptures and carvings. The Olmecs also made some step pyramids. The Olmecs left behind some pretty amazing things.They’re actually a pretty interesting topic to learn about.

Kdavatiganti 2 One of Mexico’s most famous celebrations is known as Cinco De Mayo. This marks the day when the brave Mexicans fought the French imperialist army and won. That day was was May 5th, 1862. Now every May 5th they have a celebration to know that they won that fight. A not so famous celebration that Mexicans have is is known as Day of the Dead. On this day a great many people gather around graves to give offerings and tell stories about the dead.

This day is on November 2nd.One celebration you might have heard about is called Mexican Independence Festival. It’s similar to our 4th of July, which marks our independence. Although, for them, Mexican Independence Festival is on September 18th. All these festivals and celebrations seem pretty interesting to me. If you didn’t find this interesting, then I don’t know whats going on in that head of yours.

There are many more celebrations in honor of Mexico, and much more information on the Olmecs to know about. This isn’t even close to all the information you can get about Mexico.


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