The Importance of Safeguarding Your CAC Card There are many reasons that a soldier or government employee should not leave a CAC card unsecured. To name a few there is a security risk dependent upon the access of the individual. There is also a risk of identity theft in order to gain access to various installations. Also identity theft can make use of your own personal information for their personal gain. This item should be safeguarded at all times to ensure the security of the government in addition to one’s self.

There are many ways to keep a tab on your personal card to safeguard it in your possession. For example one could invest in a lanyard that is attached to their person at all times keeping them connected to their card by a string or cord. Or one could also affix a temporary device that beeps every time you extend yourself within a certain distance of the card. Last, but not least you could always just sit in front of the computer and continually insert and retract their card until it becomes automatic.Another reason to take into consideration of safeguarding you card is the list of consequences that go with losing your card should you prove irresponsible. There are many penalties including, but not limited to a loss of computer access, a field grade article 15 which includes a loss of rank and pay, and/or the ultimate disciplinary action a dishonorable discharge from the military. Each penalty is entirely dependent upon the mindset of your chain of command.

Not safeguarding your CAC card not only holds consequences for one’s self, but also those who rely on your service to keep their freedoms intact. By not safeguarding one’s card a world critical information is at steak that could possibly benefit the wrong type of organization. Its as simple as being a good battle buddy to keep your card secure. The next time one uses their CAC card all this information should be taken into consideration to ensure the well being of all U. S.



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