“Should it be legal to download copyrighted files from the Internet”. To what extend to u agree or disagree? Internet has always been considered as unlimited source of information, music and movies. The issue whether it should be legal to download and share patented files via Internet is the one open for debate. In my opinion, it is no use of downloading without permission because of the trouble it could bring to yourself and the authors as well. To begin with, it is the fact that downloading illegally is breaking the law.

Taking information or sharing music from unregistered websites also means stealing other’s possesion. As a result, you can be banned from the Internet, be fined or even be imprisioned. Needless to say, many people have already been caught and punished. For example, in USA, who violates the intellectual property law will be sentenced six years in prison and $ 25,000 fines. What is more, it is often felt that a large proportion of ‘floating’ files in the Internet has a variety of risks, such as: viruses, spywears, etc.

If your computer is not well-protected, it will be damaged sooner or later. Taking my computer as an example, it was attacked by a new type of viruses three weeks ago because I had downloaded an unknown file. Consequently, the whole computer’s hard disk was ruined completely. It took me an entired week later to recover my computer. Another negative aspect of illegal download is that it cause a great financial loss to the authors.

In fact, it is estimated that a billion songs are illegally downloaded per day, with about 100 copies over a legal track. Because of financial loss, musicians, producers and artists can not support the budget themselves to launch a new piece of work. Finally, people will never have chances to enjoy new music or movies. All things considered, the obvious conclusion to be drawn is that people should discourage illegal download. It not only damage music and movie industry but also push you to the verge of committing crime.


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