I am the vine and you are the branches. If a man remains in me and I in him, he will bear much fruit apart from me you can do nothing. John 15:5 tells us that Jesus is the vine, and in order to be effective Christians we must constantly be attached to Him. If we pull away from him we will begin to backslide. The event of salvation, in that moment is not a fruitful happening, in this statement is talking about after we become saved. We are not automatically fruitful once we become saved so we must plug into Christ.

We must yield our lives to him and respond to the Holy Spirit in order to bear fruit. We can do nothing of spiritual value if we are not plugged into Christ, we must abide in him always and keep His word in our hearts in order to produce spiritual fruit. If we are not fruitful we will still be saved, but we will be of no more use than to the work of the kingdom than the branches a farmer prunes off because they bear no fruit. Jesus tells the disciples that He loves them, and he tells them to remain in this love.

He tells them that in order to remain in His love the disciples must remain in his commandments, because Jesus obeyed His Father’s commandments to stay in His Father’s love. Jesus tells the disciples this so that his joy will be in them and so that joy will be complete. Jesus then explains to the disciples that if it feels like the world hates them that they should remember that the world hated him first. Jesus says that we do not belong to this world because Jesus has chosen us out of the world and that is the reason that the world may hate us.An instance of the imagery of the vine in the Old Testament come from Psalm 80. In verses eight and nine the psalmist says to God, “You brought a vine out of Egypt, you drove out the nations and planted it. You cleared the ground for it; it took deep root and filled the land. Also Isaiah 5:l-2 says “my beloved had a vineyard on a very fertile hill, He expected it to yield grapes, but it yielded wild grapes.

God speaks through Jeremiah in Jeremiah 2:21 saying “I planted you as a choice vine from the purest stock.How then did you degenerate and become a wild vine. All of these verses refer to the Israelites being the vine and they speak of God planting the vine somewhere because they have turned their backs on the main vain and it caused the vine to wither up and degenerate. In the Old Testament Israel was the vine that God produced. This statement shows Christ’s deity because it shows that we must be plugged into him and constantly connected with him in order to be an effective follower of Christ. It is impossible to be a Christian without remaining in Christ.There is no way we can detach ourselves from Christ and still be called Christian, we have to fully rely on God. If we step away from God then we will be “pruned” from Him and then not only are we fruitless, we will become lifeless.

Towns says in his book John Believe and Live that Jesus calling himself the true vine is of huge significance. The image of the vine was on temple gates and it was stamped on Maccabean coins. When referring to himself as the true vine he was saying that there was also a false vine.

Israel was referred to the vine in the Old Testament and in contrast Jesus was the real vine.In conclusion Jesus as the vine has great significance because it eludes to Israel of the Old Testament, and it explains Christ’s deity but proving that we must constantly be yielding to Him in order to be effective Christians.Bibliography John, New International Version, Zondervan, Grand Rapids Michigan Morris, Leon. Jesus is the Christ: Studies in the Theology of John.

Grand Rapids. Eerdmans 1989 Towns, Elmer. John: Believe and Live. Chatanooga AMG, 2002 Kelley, Jack. “Grace Through Faith. ” Available from

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