Have you ever thought about how the interaction between your family and yourself differs from the interaction of you and your friends? The poems “Girls Eye View of Relatives” written by Phyllis McGinley, and “Adolescence” by P.

K. Page both suggest that human relationships between different people affect our lives in different ways. The first way it can affect our lives is through emotion. There some emotions which we share without family members that we do not share with our friends and vice versa.For example, in the poem adolescence, the teenagers go through a different kind of nervousness and love felt for each than the girl from the poem girl’s eye view of relatives, would feel with her parents. Another example is the difference of forgiveness. Our parents will forgive any given situation under circumstances whereas our friends will only forgive us if there is a good enough reason to but even then, they may not want to continue the friendship.

The last emotion for this topic is regret.Our parents will never make us regret anything we are not happy with. They will only help us realize that whatever it was was a bad choice and move on. Friends, with this emotion, will make you regret a whole lot more than what your trying to regret initially. Another way human relationships can affect our lives is through gestures. In certain situations, a particular gesture is called for. Such as a hug in upsetting times or being scolded when something is done wrong.For example, in adolescence after the teenagers have broken up in the last stanza, she would want a hug from her closest friends.

In girl’s eye view of relatives even though the father is very stubborn towards the draughts wants, she still loves him and she would still give him hugs. Both situations call for the same gesture, but they have complete different meanings. Human relationships play a major role in our everyday lives, as suggested in the poems. Without it, people would never be able to survive.


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