Hiring and Keeping School Counselors for our School System Dawnelle Fairall Axia College University of Phoenix Hiring and Keeping2 Introduction In many school systems there is a lack of teachers and counselors to assist our children in completing their education. To help the children succeed, teachers and counselor need to be selected to help the children learn. At the present time a position has became available in the school district for a school counselor for grades kindergarten-fifth.The human resources department created these tools to assist in a job analysis, hiring, selecting the employee, orientation and training. Executive Summary The main purpose of human resource department is to select, hire and train employees among other duties. This process can be difficult and time consuming if organization or company does not have the right documentation or tools to complete the task.

Throughout this documentation there are tools to help prepare a job analysis, completing the selection process, orientation for new employees and a training proposal.All of these tools are cost and time effective. The bottom line is profit. If a company can save money by reducing cost in these areas, it has funds available to spend in other areas that need assistances. Without these tools the company will be missing a very important piece of its strategic plan. Hiring and Keeping3 Job Analysis The position that has been created is on for a guidance counselor for grades Kindergarten through the fifth grade. This position includes many duties, to better understand this information I have prepared a presentation that etails all the duties of the job.

Selecting the Right employee Selecting employees can be a difficult task. Since all of the employees who are selected for an interview will not always be selected to fill the position, or make it to the final group of employees that may be selected for the position. To make this process less time-consuming the human resources department as deicide to take the following processes. To fill the position we will need applicants to apply for the position. We have deicide to find the employees through the posting the opening on the internal news boards.By doing this we are offering the position to individual who have worked in our school district before, and may have formed a respect and friendship with our staff and students. The second method we decide to use to recruit employees is posting the opening in colleges and universities where teaching and counseling degree programs are being offered. Once we have reviewed the applicants and select a group of qualified applicants, the human resource department will conduct interviews.

We have deicide to use the following questions: Hiring and Keeping 4 )As a counselor for our school district we may ask the counselor to assist with a student’s behavior issue, this may include speaking with staff, parents, and law enforcement? 2) It is the beginning of the school day a student approaches the main office and reports that other student has brought a weapon to school, this complainant was sent to the guidance office for the counselors to assist with keeping the situation under control, as the school counselor how should the situation be handle? 3)A counselor in our school system is required to work in a team for numerous projects, how should the following scenario be handle?The guidance office and principal are required to put together a seminar on defusing physical confirmation between students, the principal has been out on medical leave and the teacher that is the acting principal believes that this training is a waste of time for the staff, and does not want to assist in preparing for the seminar how should the counselor handle this situation? To make the position more desirable to applicants we have deicide to offer the following benefit package for the selected employee. Health Care Insurance: The employee will be eligible for health insurance after 30 days of service.The employee will be able to choose from 3 different plans that are available. All of these plans will include vision, dental, medical, and hospitalization. Each of the co-pay will be different depending on the plan that the employee selects. The company will pay 50% of the insurance for the employee. If the employee has already been employed with the company, these benefits will be offered immediately.

Hiring and Keeping5 Employee Leave: Employees will begin to accumulate, vacation time after 30 days of service and will start immediately for employees who are already employed.All employees will start off with an hour of vacation time and they will accumulate more throughout the year. Employees that work full time will gain vacation time at a rate of . 75 per week receiving a total of 39 hours of vacation time a year. If an employee is part-time they will accumulate vacation time at a rate of . 25 per week giving the employee 13 hours of vacation time per year.

Employees will also receive 3 sick days and 2 personal days a year after 30 days of service. The personal days will be paid leave; however the sick days will not be paid.Retirement and Savings Plans: Each employee will be offered a 401K plan to assist them with their needs after retirement. These plans will offer at the time the employee is hired.

Our organization will match 25% of what the employee is contributing to the plan for the first five years. After five years of service the organization will match 40% of the employees’ contribution to the plan. Employees will also be able to take a loan against any fund that they paid into the plan. They can take their first loan after two years of employment. The repayment of the loan will be 15% of the loan will be taken from each of the employee’s check.After the first loan is paid the employee is eligible to take a loan against the retirement plan yearly, however the employee can only have one loan at a time and any previous loan most be paid in full before the employee will be consider for another loan . Hiring and Keeping6 Along with the retirement benefit the organization will be offer a savings plan to employees. The employees may opt to have a percent of their check deposit in a savings plan.

The organization will match . 50 percent starting after the second year of employment with the company.The percent that the organization matches will continue to increase at a rate of . 50 percent yearly until the match rate meets three percent.

The employee’s will be able to borrow against this plan after they are established which will require the employee to work 3,000 hours within 2 years. Employees can opt out of the plan at anytime and receive the funds that they paid into the plan. Upon retirement the employee can close the plan and be rewarded the whole amount. Childcare Service reimbursement: The organization will reimburse the employee 20% of childcare expense for employees who are schedule for overtime.This will take place after the employee as given the organization 30 days of service at full-time status. Employees will also have the option after 1 year of service to enroll in the childcare assistance plan.

This plan will be available to employees, who are in 1 or more of the classifications. Employees, who work full-time, swing shifts, more than 40 hours a week, are schedule for on-call status. The employee can chose from select day care agencies that work within in the plan. This plan that was created was do so after carefully speaking with the employees and asking for their input.

This help the organization give the employees the benefits they want and we hope to ensure that new employees will enjoy the benefit package that we are offering. I believe this would help build employee morale and appeal to their personal needs. Hiring and Keeping7 This plan in some aspect may not be cost effective unless the employee chose to stay, however if we offer the employees more of a reason to stay with the company we will get a profit in the end by saving on hiring and training cost. This benefit package will save the company 30% in the next two years and reduce other cost. Orientation


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