In his essay “ Hook-up Culture,” Jack Grimes tries to figure out why the generation of people right now are more interested in hook-ups rather than relationships, while arguing that hook-ups are more than just a fling but for fulfillment of personal needs. Grimes starts off by stating a reason for hook-ups being mostly hormones. Also, he talks about people who are into hook-ups might not have the commitment that relationships need. Next, hook-ups are roughly defined as casual sexual encounters that do not lead to anything in the future.Some pro’s Grimes talks about is having the liveliness of hook-up your letting someone else see what they usually can’t.

Also getting closer to them, while getting the pleasure that they like you enough to be intimate with you . Hook-ups occur all the time because you make a person feel loved for a short amount of time with no attachment or commitment. Second, you need to realize that what you are in the hook-up is just a fling nothing more almost like your both using eachother.

Grimes states having sex with whomever whenever starts to make it less special and taking the love out of sex.Women interested in hook ups are just making themselves look easy and in all reality easier for a guys to have sex. Not committing to a relationship means you miss out on the fact that you give your all to one person letting them know there the only one for you. Men actually are enjoying relationships better because of the regular action they get out of it from their partner . As such , hook-ups are just a way for people to not commit while still getting the pleasure they want .


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