When I was in 8th grade, I remember how excited I was for high school. I could not wait to leave middle school where it seems like I had spent my entire life. I was ready for something new, a change of scenery, and meeting new people.

I wanted to have that new level of freedom and responsibility. When I finally began high school I felt like so many new opportunities presented themselves to me. Then, after a change of heart, I soon realized that when thinking about changing high schools friends, academics, and money can often effect the decision.Throughout my 8th grade year, my parents wanted me to go to Perry Hall High School.

They thought it would be more beneficial to me. However, I thought otherwise. I wanted to attend Curley because I thought it would be more challenging, I knew people, and I liked the environment. The environment motivated me to do well because of all the different resources. My main focus was soccer though, Curley had an excellent soccer reputation and I wanted to be a part of that. They had won the championship they season prior to me attending.All summer I tried to do everything I could to get in shape to be ready for my 1st season of high school soccer. I had confidence in my skills, and the team that we would have a good season.

But for various reasons from coaching, to lack of team chemistry, our season was a failure. The rest of my freshman year I continued to be successful academically. I continued to enjoy waking up every morning and feeling good about going to school.

I could never really figure out why but there was something there that began to bother me. I went on to finish out the year and began enjoying my summer.When I returned for my sophomore year, things were a lot different. The novelty of something new had worn off. I knew what to expect, and what was expected of me.

I was ready to try and improve on the loosing soccer season of the previous year. However I did not expect to severely injure my hip a few games into the season and not be able to finish it. I wasn’t upset about the injury; I was more upset about how it became worse when I was forced to play with it. I told the coach that I didn’t think I could be useful playing but he insisted I play anyway, because of this I had to go through weeks of rehab that barely helped.Meanwhile, while still going to school, I began to notice how some of the teachers didn’t seem to care about our education, nor did they seem to know about what they were teaching.

The main focus of the school seemed to be too much on money, and not enough on our education. For a religious school I had a problem with that. Everything began to seem like it was all a show.

At this point I told my parents that I didn’t think it was fair to them to be sending me there and paying all that money for what I was getting in return. They seemed to understand and we started to discuss transferring to Perry Hall.So that’s exactly what I did. At the end of my sophomore year I transferred to Perry Hall. It was like starting high school all over again.

I wanted to play soccer by my hip injury prevented me from playing. I didn’t find it to be all bad though because I would have more time to focus on my school work. I was even more successful at Perry Hall than I was at Curley which felt good. The students and teachers were very different from those at Curley.

Everyone was willing to help me and I felt very welcomed. I was happy with my decision to transfer although I wish I would have never had to make it.I regret letting my parents spend a good amount of money for me to go to Curley because in the end it wasn’t really worth it. But on the positive side, I got to experience many things by going there and learning lessons about choices I have to make in my life. The biggest lesson I learned though is that my parents are always right and I should never second guess their decisions because they really know what is best for me. I am glad they let me learn that the hard way though because I feel whenever I need to make a big decision, like changing high schools they can always guide me in the right direction.


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