Jeanette Almaraz HCS/483 Health Care Information System Mr. Allen December 4, 2010 Important of Information System “Information system (IS) is an arrangement of information (data), processes, people and information technologies that interact to collect, process, store and provide as output information is needed to support the organization. (Health Care Information System, Chapter 2)” With information technology being a component that is use in every day work history, it is known to be the main source of keeping information system on track.For example, computer technology such as hardware and software and telecommunication technology such as data, image and voice networks needs to in place for any health-care organization. Without these particular devices many issues can go wrong. . So the first step is to have to select a program and obtain it.

But we ask where can we start to look? We need to look for a system that involves administrative and clinical information such as patient administration system (admission, discharge, transfer, etc. , others administrative and financial system (accounts payable, general ledger, personnel management, payroll, etc. ), ancillary information system (laboratory information, radiology information, pharmacy information, etc. ) and other clinical information (nursing document, EHR, Computerized provider order entry, etc. ). Although information system involves all listed above, my main focus is Electronic Health Records. Electronic Health Records system is one that we have to choose which system will work for us very carefully.

Electronic health system investment requires time and money.We have to choose a system that has very high security in place. The goal is to protect the privacy of our patient. The digital formats of patient records are denominate.

However, patient information store electronically is uniquely use to identify by another identifier. For example, if a patient goes into a physician office because he or she just had an accident and did not have time to obtain his medical insurance paper. With the electronic health records into affect will allow the patient to still receive treatments with a code of identify code such as his identifying number.Electronic patient records also can help a patient be identified. Electronic patient records technology could “capture, retrieve, transmitting and handling data specific to a patient, related to health-care, which include clinical, administrative, and biographical information.

(E. Raine 2010) However, depending on the company achieving a particular goal can variety. After reading an article on two brothers awaits to use medical e-records. They mention the system was easy with the technology skills combine and the investment of the money.

However, the cost is keeping physician from conquering the adventure. For example, Dr. Doerr, a software designer and physician, states he founded a software company willing to provide electronic health records.

(S. Lohr, 2010) However, physician did invest with the software, it still hard to convince companies to self-sustaining. The security and safety of patient privacy is still up to par. So with the information system into effect can ensure the patient that the company will stand to his or her end of the bargain.

The management of medical e-records will be in charge of making this electronic device a success. Management or CIO goals are very demanding with EHR. Making sure patient information is safe and secure. Management has to make sure policies of business are obey.

Management may need to make decisions on buying new software or hardware for maintenance. Not to mention installation too. Making sure the management has the communication and skills are to explain the confusion of the issue at hand.

However, the IT’s department of Information System will have to make sure the HIPAA guidelines are in tack.IT’s department wants to make sure the security of medical e-records cannot be view by just anyone. The hackers cannot break into the system. The stakeholder goals are very strict because if not then we would end-up with identity theft.

However, there will be another side stakeholder to this department. In conclusion information system involves different stakeholder in certain areas of the business. Management will need resources to aid him or her to accomplish their goals. So communication will always need enforcing at all times.When involving any operation it is critical to operate with cautious.

Following information system operation of the business will make our company a success and save unnecessary headaches.References E. Raine, 2010; Ezine Articles: Explaining Health Information System Retrieve: www. ezinearticles. com/? Explaining-Health-Information-System-(HIS) Health Care Information System; Chapter 2 Retrieve: Class text Chapter 2 HCS/483 S. Lohr, 2010; The New York Times: 2 Brothers Await Broad Use of Medical E-Records; Retrieve: www.

newyorktime. com


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