Where is Harrods: 87-135 Brompton Road Knightsbridge How to get to Harrods: Subway – Piccadilly line to Knightsbridge station. Opening Hours: Monday to Saturday 10. 00am – 9. 00pm Sunday 12. 00pm – 6. 00pm Harrods is a high-end department store located on Brompton Road in Knightsbridge, in the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea, London, England. The Harrods motto is Omnia Omnibus Ubique—All Things for All People, Everywhere. Several of its departments, including the seasonal Christmas department and the Food Hall, are world famous.

Throughout its history, the store has had five owners Charles Henry Harrod was the founder of the now world famous shopping palace. His career – just like every big success – began rather unspectacular. It started with a few little shops in the inner city of London that where primarily specialising in tea. Later, to escape the narrowness there and to expand he took over a small shop in the district of Knightsbridge, on the site of the current store. He began in a single room employing two assistants and a messenger boy.

Harrod’s son Charles Digby Harrod built the business into a flourishing retail (Einzelhandel) operation selling medicines, perfumes, fruit, and vegetables. Harrods rapidly expanded, bought the neighbouring buildings, and employed one hundred people by 1880. However, the fortune ended in December 1883, when it burnt to the ground. Remarkably despite his own financial problems Charles Harrod fulfilled all of his customers orders and was able to make all Christmas deliveries that year He made a record profit in the process. Short after, a new store was built on the same site And the story of success began anew.

Famous persons such as Oscar Wilde,Charlie Chaplin, Noel Coward, Sigmund Freud and many members of the British Royal Family came by to enjoy the great variety of products. On Wednesday, 16 November 1898, Harrods debuted England’s first “moving staircase” (escalator) in their Brompton road stores; Nervous customers were offered brandy at the top to revive them after their ‘ordeal’. The department store was purchased by the Fayed brothers in 1985. The shops current owner is Qatar Holdings, a branch of an arabic organisation dealing with oil and quite a lot of money ( $60 billion in the funds) Harrods was the holder of royal warrants from: Queen Elizabeth II for Provisions and Household Goods * The Duke of Edinburgh as Outfitters *

The Prince of Wales as Outfitters and Saddlers * The Queen Mother, now deceased, for China and Glass Harrods is everything for everyone and that is really true. It is not just a department store it’s an unforgettable experience On 7 floors you can find nearly everything you might need – or not. From home made food to exclusive designer wear, from real crocodiles to chiwawas theres everything you like to have. A mobile phone with diamonds for just 25. 00 pounds = 36. 750 Euro or a little electric car from the toy department for just 12. 000 pounds = 17. 640 Euro. Or do you rather like a puppy for 2000 €? What u have to see is the luxurious food department store and the Egyptian hall, that looks like a bazaar and where exclusive bags are sold. Also rematkable is the memorial for Lady Di and her lover that can be found there. Since the deaths of Diana, Princess of Wales, and Dodi Fayed, Mohamed Fayed’s son, two memorials commissioned by Fayed have been erected inside Harrods to the couple.

The first consists of photographs of the two behind a pyramid-shaped where you can see a wine glass with lipstick from Diana’s last dinner as well as an engagement ring. Dodi is said to have given it to her before they died. The second memorial near the Egyptian escalator at door three is titled “Innocent Victims”- It is a bronze statue of the two dancing on a beach beneath the wings of an albatross. -> symbol for holy spirit. Harrods kindly asks all visitors to: *clean and presentable clothing +appropriate footwear no clothing that reveals intimate parts of the body o clothing with offensive pictures or writing. * no crash helmets in the store.

* Carry small rucksacks in your hand not on your back or shoulder. to prevent damage to displays Harrods provides a left luggage service where large bags and rucksacks can be left for a small cost. *don’t eat and drink – do not bring your own food * don’t take photos in the Fine Jewellery, Banking Hall or Antique Furniture Department or in any area within the store where photography or filming may not be appropriate. * children under the age of 15 without parents are nor allowed in Group Guidelines There are periods, when the store is at its busiest, Harrods has to take the difficult decision to deny access to tour parties and larger groups of visitors. * We would ask that all large parties split into groups of no more than four persons. * All groups must be accompanied by a group leader.

* On arrival the group leader must report to Door 5 (situated in Hans Crescent) and inform the security officer who will then brief the group leader. Emergency contact details will be required to be left at the Concierge Desk (situated on the Lower Ground Floor) should we need to contact the group. Groups with children under the age of 15 must be accompanied by an adult. Quick Facts * Harrods covers 4. 5 acres and has over 1 million square feet of selling space making it the largest shop in the world * There are 330 different departments, from Women’s Designer Shoes to Old Maps and Prints. * On peak days there are over 100,000 customers. * There are 4. 000 staff at Harrods including 500 specialists from 72 different countries. Experts in almost every department advise on every aspect of the store’s 1. 2 million goods and 50 separate services. The facade is covered with 12,000 light bulbs. * Author A. A. Milne found the original Winnie-the-Pooh for his son Christopher Robin in the Toy Department. * In September 2007, a live Egyptian cobra was hired to protect the shoe counter, guarding a ? 62,000 pair of haute couture ruby-sapphire-and diamond-encrusted sandals. * The store has 29 different restaurants and eateries – serving everything from doughnuts to oysters. * Theres a Air Harrods service that offers helicopter charter and helicopter management services to V. I. Ps.


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