Corruption? Evil and corruption “Hamlet”, written by William Shakespeare, is a story about a prince named Hamlet and howhis father is murdered by his uncle. William Shakespeare uses a composition of metaphors to indicate the corruptness of Denmark. In the play, the theme of evil and corruption in Denmark is one of the main themes whichconnects the entire play. The quotation: “something is rotten in the state of Denmark”(1. 4.

90) by Marcellus indicates that Denmark is corrupted physically and morally by three reasons: incest, distrust and death. Incest is the obvious symbol that begins the moral corruption of Denmark. In the beginning of the play, the marriage of Hamlet’s uncle, Claudius and his mother, Gertrude causes such incest.

The unacceptable and immorality of incest which occurs in the king’s family, rots the morals of the Denmark. During the sexual conversation between Laertes and his sister Ophelia, sex desire from Laertes to Ophelia obviously uncovers the incest between them.The events of this incest is not limited to only one family, but several families, which suggests the deep moral corruption in Denmark in the play. ?The second important reason is distrust. Distrust between people is another idea that rots the morals of Denmark.

Ophelia, the woman Hamlet is in love with, becomes a spy on Hamlet later in the play. If even the women he loves will spy on him, then he cannot trust anyone. Under this environment, Denmark will never develop the country but instead, is destroyed by its people.Reynaldo, Polonius’ servant sent by him as a spy on his son Laertes points out the distrust from the father to his son. Although Polonius says that he loves his son, he cannot fully trust his son so he sends a spy to France to check on him.

From the above points, distrust is also an important reason for the corruption of Denmark. ?Last but not least, death is the last reason of this corruption. In the beginning of the play, the death of the old Hamlet becomes the reason for prince Hamlet to seek revenge.

Though it may seem meaningless to point out old Hamlet’s death, it is after his death that the kingdom becomes corrupted. Also, the ghost of old Hamlet symbolizes the idea of afterlife which causes prince Hamlet to think about death. Prince Hamlet thinks the idea of suicide and the idea of death is the final and best answer to all of the actions. This idea, by itself already causes corruption since thinking that death is the best answer makes people have no motivation to live. Therefore, seeking for death since the city has no hope ill also corrupt and destroy Denmark.

?In conclusion, Shakespeare wrote about the moral corruption of Denmark people in the play “Hamlet”. He symbolizes the nation as a sick person which needs to be treated. Through this metaphor, Shakespeare makes it obvious that such corruption will destroy the country in the near future.

Thesis statement: William Shakespeare uses a composition of metaphors in “Hamlet” to indicate the corruptness of Denmark. Theme: Evil and corruption in Denmark Conclusion: The moral corruption of the royal family will destroy Denmark.


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