Revenge is an action someone takes driven by strong emotions of anger or pain. It can have disastrous effects on the lives of others. This is seen in Francis Bacon’s article “About Revenge”, literature of the world, and my life experiences. In the article “About Revenge” Francis Bacon addresses how futile revenge is and how wise it would be not to squander my time taking revenge. He states that getting revenge is wrong and, “The more people try to take revenge the more the law should punish them” (Bacon).

Bacon is very clear on the fact that individuals who seize revenge are witches and only, “cause trouble to others and come to a bad end”. He does make an exception when he says, “Revenge is most allowable when there is no specific law to correct the injury” (Bacon). According to this statement Francis Bacon thinks not all revenge is intolerable. Revenge is acceptable as long as I don’t break the law or if I use the law to obtain my revenge. Revenge has always been imbedded in the literature of the world in some form.

Revenge can be broken down into two categories, the correct way to obtain revenge and the incorrect. Bacon believes that, “Public or State revenges are, for the most part good”. page 2 As exemplified in Shakespeare’s Hamlet, Hamlet got his revenge by killing his uncle, King Claudius, in front of the nobles of the court. The method of revenge George Wilson, revenges are…not good” (Bacon). And it was an even graver mistake to not make his from F. Scott Fitzgerald’s the Great Gatsby, took was inexcusable.

It was a mistake that he didn’t make his revenge for his wife Myrtle’s death a public one because, “Private intentions of getting revenge known to his enemy. “Not letting your enemy know you are going to get even is a cowardly thing to do” (Bacon). My experience taking revenge has been severely limited. I have found that plotting ways to get back at someone is a misuse of my energy and a major drain on my emotions. Getting revenge doesn’t erase the anger or pain, “what is certain about planning to get even is that one’s own wounds remain open” (Bacon).

I don’t have to be angry about not getting revenge or worry that the enemy won’t get what’s coming to them. Because Romans 12:19 says, “Don’t take revenge dear friends. Instead, let God’s anger take care of them…Vengeance is mine saith the Lord, I will repay. ” The acceptable and unacceptable ways to get revenge was described in Francis Bacon’s article “About Revenge”. In the world of literature revenge was portrayed in the novels Hamlet and the Great Gatsby. And my experiences with revenge explained that revenge is an action driven by strong emotions that individuals can choose not to act on.


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