The “good language learner” LIU Mingzhu (department of foreign language, Jiangsu University of Science and Technology) Abstract: In order to find out why some people learn languages fast and easily whilst others never seemed to be able to learn a foreign language at all.

Was there a magic secret? Were some people naturally more able than others? By investigation, i conclude that some factors like motivation, personality make a great contribution.Key words: Motivation Extrovert Personality Experiment Balanced concern As is known to all that successful language learners are those who master a second language using it comfortably and effectively for whatever purpose they have in mind. Now more and more people are interested in this topic–how to be a good language learner? By investigating, I find out that good Language Learners: (1) Have big Motivations. There are two types of motivation.

One is external motivation–this is the kind of motivation that persuades a student to learn a language in order to pass an examination. The opposite of this is internal motivation, which is to master the language more rapidly so that it can be used as a tool in future work. Arguably most people possess mixed motivation although it would appear from research that integrative motivation does give much better results, certainly as far as speed of learning goes. (2) Usually have an extrovert personality.I am not necessarily saying that one needs to be out going but someone who has the confidence to make mistakes can learn much more quickly than someone who is afraid to experiment. Good language learners are not afraid of making errors, and actively seek information on the correctness and appropriateness of the second language.

They talk more and make more errors, but they learn from their errors. Generally speaking, the open, out-going and friendly people are more likely to be good language learners. (3) Are prepared to experiment by taking risks.For example, she will try out different ways of learning vocabulary until she finds the way that suits her best. She is also not afraid of making mistakes, because she knows that these will help her. (4) The good language learner has a balanced concern for communication and accuracy.

Some students are experts at communicating their thoughts but do not care that they make many mistakes in doing so. The good language learner, on the other hand, is concerned with both communicating and doing so as accurately as possible.


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