Independent Novel Project Ever since the creation of pen and paper, authors and storytellers have used concepts and ideas from humans in order to develop a personality within the story. In the novel Go Tell it on the Mountain, by James Baldwin, James uses the human nature idea of loneliness. All of the major characters in the story are somehow affected by their own personal loneliness; the only difference between them is how they handle it.For example, John is the youngest child out of him and his brother Roy. John has many issues with loneliness due to the fact that for the most part his parents ignore him and when John’s 14th birthday came around everybody acted as if it was just a regular day, packed full of chores. Gabrielle, the father of John and Roy, is a preacher at the local church but he has an alcohol problem and has trouble keeping his hands to himself.Roy is a teenager who is always getting into or having something to do with the local mischief of his Harlem neighborhood.

John’s issue with his loneliness should be obvious due to his parents’ lack of love for him and the tenderness of his age where John is searching for his own identity and is denied because his father demands that he not be a part of the outside world. Gabrielle is a controlling, powerful man, but on the inside seems very small.He chooses to take out his own frustrations from his day or even events in the past on his children who in turn take that anger and re-route it into different channels in their life weather it be at school or in the community. I think Gabrielle’s problems started with his own father who possibly treated him the same way he treats his children now. Roy’s problem with loneliness would have to start with him being the oldest, which puts a lot of extra responsibility on him to watch out for his younger brother.

Another part would be his father hitting him all the time for different things that Gabrielle believes that Roy can do better. In turn Roy takes that abuse and brings it to the streets where he spends most of his time, his father unaware, and ends up getting in trouble with different people, weather it be the police or different thugs from around the way. In closing, due to the human nature concept of loneliness people as well as characters in stories have issues dealing with it and learning how to deal with loneliness.


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