Functional area Plan: Human Resources By mona-me77 Member Of: Project Growth Zilack Corporation Human Resources Department Human Resources Manager Composition The Human Resources Department at Zilack Cup Company has a mission to promote the company’s goals by aiding and assisting our organization in our functional area. The department must reconstruct the way in which it operates to facilitate the required demand of growth, acquiring and retaining a very efficient and highly motivated workforce.

Crucial focal points for achievement and success are attracting, cultivating and preparing a workforce that can accommodate the growth level and changes that the company will under go. Code of Ethics Updating our code of ethics to include company values, expectations, and definitions of behavioral ethical standards to assure that each employee understands and mirrors the philosophy and standards of Zilack. As Zilack obtains its growth goals our dedication and commitment to being the best will retain its integrity.

Our vision of growth will depend on worker commitment, cohesive team work and cooperation from everyone to succeed.Human Resources will build upon existing strategic management ideals intensifying growth where allowable. The actions and solutions created by human resources for our growth are reflective of the excellent quality, budgetary responsibility and our dedication to excellent customer service. Our core values are first and foremost. (Lachnit, 2003) All team members of Zilack are expected to conform to the Code of Ethics. They are included in each performance management appraisals.

Each employee’s performance appraisal and merit increase will be graded by the Zilack Code of Ethics, quality of production, cooperation and teamwork.Core values go hand and hand with our code of ethics. The performance of employees must be within the acceptable limits of production for favorable ratings to occur. Human Resources functions Human Resources Department has redefined functions to coordinate with our updated mission statement and code of ethics.

To facilitate our growth in the upcoming year a modification of functions and new titles were added. Human Resources encompass HR Administration, Labor and Employee Relations, Benefits Administration, Training, and Employee Recruitment.The Training section of human resources will have training sessions about the most effective way to train employees and that will help with the company’s rapid growth.

A consultant from ABC Training firm will come in to give the training department classes and offer resources to train quickly and efficiently a large number of new employees. The new title of Training Manager will oversee and give direction to this section of Human Resources. This department also administers the tuition reimbursement program to ensure that our employees have access to a program that helps pay for more education.

We need to reinvent the field of HR in our HR educational programs and in our businesses. HR needs to be more strategic to gain a seat at the “proverbial” table, and we need to be more business-oriented. However, the whole HR community must invest to educate, certify, and mentor HR professionals, or we will never see the industry gain the respect it deserves. We can reinvent the field of HR. (McClowry, 2007) Benefits Administration locates and facilities health care, medical, dental, 401k, and life insurance compensation packages that attract well qualified workers.Our packages must be competitive. This department is run by the Benefits Manager.

This department must work with a variety of companies to put together the best packages for our employees. The other departments will have consultants to review and suggest plans that will accommodate our growth plan. Broadened Functional Area Cooperation Planned strategies for Human Resources will include creating and combing functional management team. This task force will have weekly meeting to compare and improve areas that hinder the growth goal of Zilack in each functional area.History has shown in order to keep up with changing times we must allow innovative new technology into our company. The most successful companies embrace new technology. Our strategies also include ways that can offer solutions.

Human Resources will enlist the assistance of the IT department to upgrade our website. HR wants to recruit using innovative new technology such as Applicantstack. com. The software works on a windows platform. It allows applicants to submit their applications on our website. The software will score the application and /or resume with parameters set by us.The system will eliminate the process of going through all incoming applications and resumes and put the best and most qualified applications first. The cost for this service is $180 per month.

That includes access for 5 employees and unlimited candidates can apply. The implementation of this software will save time and money. The time saved can be used to facilitate our company’s growth in other areas.

It is crucial for the success of the Zilack Cup Company that Human Resources communicate closely with all sections in the company. We have an open door policy that allows our employees to voice concerns.This policy helps in the retention of our employees. Human resources will strategically plan our growth to deliver a high level of quality when we initiate new innovative hiring processes, training and retraining, tools to retain employees, coaching and mentoring, communication processes with our business partners. Human resources will preserve and protect the integrity of our code of ethics and align our behavior to reflect it by teaching new employees the code of ethics day one, and refreshing the importance of our code of ethics to existing employees.The department will attract and retain a diverse work force devoted to achieving all goals set before them, reflecting the companies’ attitude for excellence and growth.

Our strategy is to create and implement a human resources department that is cohesive with organizational goals. Our goal is clear. We will meet the changing needs of Zilack coffee cup company with an insatiable attitude to exceed all expectations. (Baird, & Meshoulam, 1984) Human Resources Manager Executive Summary The Zilack Cup Company’s Human Resources Department is dedicated to supporting the growth goals of the company.To aid in achieving this ambition, human resources will focus its attention on: revising the mission statement; carefully abiding by the Code of Ethics and ensuring that employees abide by it also, improving and expanding lines of communication and teamwork between the functional areas; and clarifying the company’s expectations of each employee within the company. The Human Resources department will also focus on recruiting qualified personnel for our expansion. We will closely with our Accounting and IT departments to implement new and innovative hiring practices and methods of training.


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