Friar Lawrence, a courageous and brave individual, is the reason the story Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespear is such a good literary device.

If the Friar wasn’t in the story most of the tragic and also enlightening events wouldn’t have happened. The plans he devised helped everything in the story come together simply because of the depth of his ideas. If Friar Lawrence didn’t agree to marry Romeo and Juliet they would have probably never found anyone else to marry them.

He is also very brave and courageous because knowing that Romeo was a Montague and Juliet was a Capulet he could have been killed for marrying the two. Knowing that he would be killed he still agrees to do it in act 2 scene 5 in his cell. Any man risking his life for other people’s satisfaction and enjoyment is a very brave individual, and also said to be courteous. Even though he did make mistakes it is ok because everyone makes mistakes. One of the most relative themes to Lawrence is that all human beings make mistakes.If he got the message off to Romeo about Juliet’s fake death Romeo would have never killed himself.

Which is also another theme that states: Fate- there’s no telling how fate will affect us. The overall reason Friar Lawrence’s messenger was stopped was fate. Without the fate affecting Romeo getting the letter he would of none that Juliet wasn’t truly dead and he would have been able to get out with her, and they would have lived their lives happily away from their family’s drama and conflict.All the things he did turned out to make the whole story come together at the end. If he wasn’t to tell everyone the true story of what happened to them at the end people would still be clueless, and the Capulet’s and Montages would have never settled their differences.

A person like him in our time of day would be labeled a risk taker, and also very intelligent with his ideas. Friar Lawrence is the backbone to the story Romeo and Juliet.


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