In the essay “That Lean and Hungry Look” by Suzanne Britt, the author describes the differences between “fat” and “thin” people. Her Thesis was, “Caesar was right. Thin people need watching. I’ve been watching them most of my adult life and I don’t like what I see. ” This essay is very effective for many reasons.

The essay convinces its readers that fat people are just all around better people. Throughout the essay, the author tells the differences of fat and thin people, giving their readers the impression that thin people are dangerous, and no fun.That thin people try to analyze the reality of life and fat people know the reality of life. In the essay, Suzanne Britt divides each paragraph into compare and contrasting statements.

In the fifth paragraph, the author states that, “Thin people believe in logic. ” She gives an example of a quote stated by one of her friends about consuming calories and gaining weight. Then she discusses a fat person’s point of view of the topic.

The fourth paragraph gives visual details of how thin people differ from fat people.The author states, “Thin people don’t like gooey soft things because they themselves are neither gooey nor soft. They are crunchy and dull like carrots.

” By reading this essay it is easy to establish the idea that the author clearly relates to fat people by being overweight herself. By giving the negative aspects of being a thin person the author can promote the positives of being a fat person. Author’s purpose: Fulfill that purpose? What greater issues are addressed: Inspire reader to take action? Intended audience: Succeed in reaching audience?


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