“ In Defense of Rock and Roll” and Sting’s “The Mystery and Religion of Music” are honoring music and trying to honor Rock music unparticular. I believe Rock music should be honored just as much as any other types of music, which has woven it self to the fabric of what America is today. In Stings essay, he tries to explain the root of his love for music, which he attributes to his mother playing the piano when he was a child. Sting would watch and listen to her play for hours on end.

Sting truly feels from that time in his life he was truly addicted to music, “Music is an addiction, a religion, and disease. ” (4/1) Sting’s overall point in writing this essay was to say that music is our oldest right and that making it whether if you make one dollar or millions it is worth it. In Frank Zappa’s “In Defense of Rock and Roll”, Frank defends Rock from an A. Bloom who is essentially saying rock is terrible to civilization. Frank says “ In general, anti-rock propositions began when rock n’ roll began, and most of it was racially motivated.

(2/1,2) Frank fights for and disagrees with Blooms claims and sounds a little disgusted by the writings of the man. Zappa defends children’s effect on the music scene and says that we are presented with only highly merchandised things and we should be taking music appreciation class in schools. In the end he attributes the fall of classical music to the rise in economics in the Reagan era.

These two writings are different in that Sting’s writing is a personal life story of how he began and continued his love of music.It is unchallenged thought so he doesn’t have to justify it to anyone. Zappa’s writing is a challenged thought, which to he defends his theories and opinions on music. Zappa uses another mans writing argue with. They are similar in that they both are fight for the cause of rock.

They are trying to show people that rock is a crucial part of music and that it deserves a chance. Though I fell Sting’s essay and Zappa’s essay both have different ways of proving a point I feel that Sting’s was an easier read and easier to understand overall.


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