After watching the film Food, Inc. I gain knowledge on parts of our food industry that was unknown to me. When it comes to the United States food industry our way of production in my opinion is very wrong and cruel. I know many people love meat and I’m a meat eater as well but why put the animals through this process of getting the meat.

The process is very disturbing. The meat that we are receiving in the stores is not being thoroughly inspected.Many of the cows that were shown in the video were sick from malnutrition yet they were still slaughtered for ground beef and other beef portions . What is wrong with our food safety is that when there is an outbreak the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) don’t step in until it affects that whole state, the illness is severe and the food as to be a FDA regulated product as stated by the Food Safety. gov. I’m my opinion I don’t understand that process of letting the state handling food borne outbreaks until that it’s too much for them then getting the FDA involved.It makes more since to get the FDA involved at the beginning so the illness wants spread as much and want affect as many people.

As stated by the U. S. Department of health Studies and FDA they are having a hard time trying to decrease food borne illness breakouts because there is a increase in consumer demand for food that is less processed and in return that makes food distribution more complex when trying to find the source of the illness or the cause for the outbreak. So basically until they can be able to break down and identify the main source of food we as a nation will always have that challenge.There is so much that goes into food production today that it’s hard for the FDA and CDC to control food borne disease and outbreaks are becoming larger than ever. Each year the FDA and CDC gather reports and compare them to previous years to see changes but one thing that has not changed in a great way is the fact that over 800 establishments with direct observation are still in need of improvement on employee hand washing, cold handling of potential hazardous food, food correct date of make ready to eat food and the cleaning and sanitizing of food contact surface.


gov OVERWEIGHT/OBESITY IN OUR SOCIETY There is a major concern in the United States when it comes to obesity. The state of Mississippi is number and has been for the last 5 years consecutively and the state of Texas comes in at number 13 for fattest state.The causes of obesity I don’t think deals with food production and process but how we intake it, the quantity and how we are cooking it as well. For example people think that fried chicken and fried porckchops is fattening not if you eat in the right proportion, eat it sparingly and cook the food in canola oil.

What cause obesity are the people themselves. People need to stand up and take action and responsibility for their own health and weight.According to the National heart and lung institute the reason many people are obese is because they sit in front of a computer all day doing school work and leisure activities. I really don’t think that is an excuse because you have to get up at some point and once you do you should go and do something physical. As well now a day’s people would rather go and sit at a park and have a picnic before they go to the park for a walk or for a run.

On the other hand I have to think as well no everyone has the resources to get healthy food but everyone has the resources to physical activities even if you have to do it within your own home. Here is a sample of physical activity that I do every night: 30 jumping jack, 2 set of 20 squats , dance for 1 hr and end it with sit up and stretching. The National Heart and Lung Institute also blames obesity in our society on food proportion offer by fast food restaurants, the way food is advertised and not having parks, sidewalks and affordable gyms.

People don’t have to have a gym to be active or to lose weight there are so many workout DVDs with healthy eating plans and just because you are offered a lager French fries for 25 cents more doesn’t mean you have to buy it nor eat it all. Bibliography: Dr. Micheal D Myers M. D. , “Causes of Obesity”, Obesity, Michael Myers M. D.

, 2004, www. weight. com Miranda Hitti, “Fattest State Weighs its Options”, Weight, 2005-2010, www. webmd. com POLLUTION There are numerous pollutants are affecting our food sources each day and have been for a long time.

As of now one of the major pollutants would be the big oil spill that south and gulf coast experienced this past summer. The outcome of that spill killed many of the shrimp, fish and crab which for many families in the south and living along the gulf coast is their way of living; a decrease in seafood meant a decrease in the income. Those who own restaurants as well have to be extra careful that the seafood that they are getting isn’t or hasn’t any contact with seafood from the gulf to cause contamination or illness for their customers.A major pollutant that affects our produce is carbon monoxide and can kill eat or leave residue. If the residue is not removed thoroughly from produce it can cause illness. One way to cut down on the pollutant carbon dioxide is one to make sure that everyone that own a car and is getting their yearly inspection so that to make sure that their car aren’t releasing more than the expected carbon monoxide from the emission.

A pesticide is another pollutant to our food source as well. Farmers use this chemical to get rid of insect but as stated by Access to Health (pg. 28) 10% of the times the chemical reaches its targeted organism and the other 90% is left on our food and accumulated when people eat these items. Contaminated water can also affect our food source because when it rains pesticides and other industrial pollutants are worked down into our underground water system as state by Access to Health (pg. 626). So what can we do to help decrease the amount of pollutants that come in contact with our food source, the first step would be to try another way around removing or keeping insects’ away from our food source.Next we as a society would have to come together as a whole and banned these big factories that are causing pollutants that are going into the air and leaving their residue on our food and as well harming many of us.

Bibliography: Rebecca Donatelle, “Environmental Health”, Access to Health, Pearson, 2010, book To wrap everything in to one I would say that the FDA , CDC and the USDA needs to do a better job and be more detailed job when it comes to our food source, when it comes to obesity we as a society can’t blame other or what we don’t have or food chains for our weight gain.Society needs to realize when it comes to obesity you can change that and if your determined to lose weight you will if you eat right and exercise and stick to it. As far as pollutants something needs to be about these factories that are releasing these pollutants into the air, people need to keep up their car and find a different way to get rid of insects form our food source beside pesticides if possible.


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