To Whom It May Concern, My name is Tanisha Webb, and I am writing in regards to the status of my financial aid. I started University of Central Florida in 2006 and experienced many trials and tribulations. Unfortunately I have become consumed with my situation to the point where I could not perform to the best of my ability. In the beginning of 2007 that is when everything started to fall apart in my life. I come from a very close knit family and my grandfather was the pillar of the family.

My grandfather unexpectedly had a stroke and two months later had a heart attack at an early age. I felt cheated that he would never get to see me graduate and see the accomplishments I have achieved. This was the first death in my family and I did not know how to handle it. My grandfather was our confidant, and our rock he was more than a grandfather. As time passed and I am trying to focus on my education my only aunt falls into a diabetic coma and died at an early age of forty-four.There would never be anyone quite like my aunt and her passing became another devastating loss in our household once again.

My father, who was my financial supporter, lost his job in 2008 and I had to transition myself into being a full-time student and a full-time employee. I made commitments to several school activities and I was trying to manage being a full-time student, full-time employee, and being involved in school activities. During this time unfortunately my education suffered.The Spring of 2009 became another difficult time in my life with trials and errors, learning from old mistakes and making new ones, same issues as before but a little more wearisome. I experienced both my parents losing their jobs, my mother losing her job in March, and my father losing his job in May 2009 after beginning a new job in December 2008. To add injury to insult during this time my uncle was placed in Hospice in the Spring of 2009. After being placed in Hospice a month later he passed away.In the spring 2010 a new challenge came my way, in January 2010 I found out I was pregnant with my son.

With several doctor’s visits and at times missing class due to my pregnancy it became more challenging, but still I pushed forward trying my very best. Through the many trials I have endured I am now striving to manage my time management better than I did in the past. The life challenges I experienced have allowed me to become stronger and more equipped for my future. I have learned a lot and matured greatly.Now as a new mother I have to make sure I instill the importance of education to my son, not only that but being the example for my son. I want the possibilities of growing into a better student, a better person, and making my family proud.

Without furthering my education it would make me wonder what my future will look like; whether I should set my sights a little lower, and scale back my dreams. Nobody gets to write your destiny but you. My future is in your hands.

My life is what I make of it. And nothing — absolutely nothing — is beyond my reach.So long as I am willing to dream big.

So long as I am willing to work hard. So long as I am willing to stay focused on my education. Nothing will have as great an impact on my success in life as my education. And I’m absolutely confident that if I keep doing my part; if I keep working hard, and focusing on my education; if I keep fighting for my dreams then I can reach them.

All I want is the opportunity to learn, grow, and reach my full potential. I am a hard working student who will stop at nothing to reach my goals, and one of those goals is to continue my education.Therefore, I ask if you allow me to receive full aid which will help me continue my education at your institution where I can obtain my Bachelor’s degree.

I gratefully ask for another opportunity to pursue a good education and allow me a lifetime experience of walking across the stage with my degree as a first time generation college graduate. Please reconsider and allow me to finish out my education so I can embrace the opportunities that are given at your Institution. Thank you for your time and consideration. Sincerely, Tanisha S. Webb


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