Double Indemnity and Memento Double Indemnity, directed by Billy Wilder, and Memento, directed by Christopher Nolan are films that make use of femme fatale concept. According to Dictionary.

com, a femme fatale is “an irresistibly attractive woman, one who leads men into difficult, dangerous, or disastrous situations”; a woman with the ability to control men with their charm and beauty that they posses. The woman tend to satisfy their needs which having the men committing a crime or by inspiring themselves with wealth.In Double Indemnity, the femme fatale is Phyllis Dietrichson, an attractive woman who wants to put her husband in a life insurance without him realizing it. She seduces Walter Neff, an insurance agent, to help her out in committing a murder. After Neff commits the crime, he finds out that he was used by Phyllis, who is actually seeing another man. Meanwhile, in the film Memento, the femme fatale is Natalie, who manipulates Lenny, an insurance investigator with anterogarde amnesia, into killing the man who helped murder her boyfriend.Both Double Indemnity and Memento use the femme fatale character to portray a message about the role of women.

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These are exploit, intelligence, and scheme. The first trait shown on Double Indemnity is the exploit that is being used by Phyllis Dietrichson. According to YourDicitionary. com exploit is “to make unethical use of for one’s own advantage or profit” a women can just be more than her beauty, but by using men for money and thing s they desire.Phyllis convincing Neff to be interested in committing a crime so they can get his money through life insurance. She would invite Walter Neff to come by and talk about to her about life insurance.

She was starting to show the first signs of manipulating Neff. Walter Neff would fall on the looks of Phyllis when she first come toward the staircase a towel wrapped her body. would first be Walter Neff arrives to Phyllis house Walter Neff is one of this gentlemen that falls with the charm that Phyllis was showing. Manipulate


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