This week’s individual project is about fortune 500 companies. The company that I have chosen to research is a very popular one used during the holidays, FedEx (Fortune 500 2010: Top 1000 American Companies. 2010).

In the following pages there will be information on the main line of business that Wal-mart provides, four locations that they operate in as well as the implementation of the 4P’s marketing mix. Lastly there will be information describing any differences that were observed in the implementation from one country to another.FedEx is currently ranked number sixty on the fortune 500 list. As for their revenue they have brought in over thirty five million this year alone (Fortune 500 2010: Top 1000 American Companies. 2010). FedEx is a company that many of us are familiar with and might use on a regular basis, they offer shipping on boxes, packages, same day delivery, express freight in the U. S. or Internationally; any where you have to ship a packages there, there to handle it.

Here’s a brief history about The Company we now call FedEx (FedEx. 2010). FedEx was founded in 1971 by Frederick W. Smith, which he called it the Federal Express Corporation. He had this idea to create an overnight shipping company and in 1973 this term paper became a reality when FedEx began service in twenty five cites, he had a fleet of 14 Falcon aircrafts and 389 employees. He first started collecting packages from airports at night and brought them back to Memphis where they were stored.After this the packages were flown to airports close to the packages destinations and delivered by a FedEx truck the next morning.

FedEx specializes in overnight delivery of packages that are high priority packages, documents and even heavy freight (International Directory of Company Histories, Vol. 18. 1997). Now with FedEx you can ship to over 220 countries and territories as well as the whole United States. The four countries selected are as followed; Australia, Brazil, Cook Islands, and France (FedEx: Global Homepage, 2010).


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