Hello, Please am trying to carry out a feasibility studies For Just Potatoes. A new food processing company that intend to come into the Nigerian Market, with its factory situated in Abuja. Just potatoes will be selling semi prepared Irish potatoes , which will be peeled, washed and cut in different sizes and varieties .

So all you have to do is finish the cooking or frying just as you like it. I intend to find out a few information and at this point your contribution will be very helpful.Kindly fill in your response as applicable; It will be helpful if you copy and paste the questions before putting in your supporting answers beside or just below it. Gender; Male Age: 26 Number of Family Members: 4 Household income per annum: N2,209,000:00 Do you like potatoes? Yes or No. Answer.

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No How often do you eat potatoes? 1-3 weekly4-7weeklyDaily Answer: 1-3 weekly Would you prefer to eat fried chips at home or in a fast food restaurant? Answer: Home Would you rather buy unpeeled potatoes? Yes or No Answer: No Would you rather buy peeled washed and sliced potatoes fries?Yes or No Answer: Yes If a 1kg pack of unpeeled potatoes costs between N90 and N140, considering the added value from just potatoes: How much will you pay for a 1kg pack of peeled potatoes? N100, N200, 250. Answer: N100. If a 1kg pack of unpeeled potatoes costs between N90 and a peeled, cut and sliced potatoes cost N125, Which would you buy. Answer: N125 Would you be interested in distributing the product in your Zone/Area? Yes or No Answer : No Would you recommend the peeled , cut and washed Potatoes to families and Friends. Yes or No.

Answer: Yes Thank You for your time.


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