A show about a seemingly normal family might not be a show that doesn’t catch a lot of viewer’s attention. I have to disagree because Family Guy is one of my favourite televsion shows, and i rarely watch TV.

Family Guy is comedy based off a normal middle class family, but like all families they have their problems that can be very strange. I admire shows that are different than any other shows that are out there. I find the show to be very interesting for various reasons such as their use of stereotypes,violence, and its slight case of predictibility which is why I love the “Patriot Games” episode.I think that Family Guy has a good portrayal of stereotypes. The stereotypes they use go along very well the character and how that character acts. They stereotype Louis as being a very typical housewife, at stay at home mom, who cooks dinner for her husband when he gets home from work.

Peter is your average american male with a steady job and his own goals in life. Like in the “Patriot Games” he gets to live his dream of being a football player. Not all families are like that anymore because people would prefer to dine out and save the time of making food.

It seems today that you cant watch a show without some reference to sex. This brings Quagmire to the stereotype table, He is a sex fiend who is always looking for someone he can have a one night stand with, but other times he can be a nice man with great advice. Then you have Stewie a not so average baby, he’s rather intellegent and hates his mother. Stewie is usually the violent character like in “Patriot Games” Stewie beat Brian on numerous occasion. What’s TV without a little violence, which brings me to my next topic.

Violence is a welcomed acceptance in our culture and it can be found every today. In every Family Guy episode that i have seen there is always some act of violence. In “Patriot Games” Stewie was betting on a boxing match and Brian bet fifty dollars that Mike Tyson would win. Mike Tyson ended up losing and of course Brian had to pay Stewie, but he kept putting it off. Eventually Stewie got fed up with Brian not paying him and confronted him in the bathroom. When brian didn’t have the money stewie broke a glass of orange juice on Brian’s face.After the orange juice incident, he ripped the towel bar off the wall and beat brian with it, then he told him to have the money by five. When Brian didn’t have the money you knew that brian was in for another beating, and it was very predictable.

Predictibilty is good when it comes in small doses because to much predictibility can get very annoying. In the very beginning of “Patriot Games” they go sky diving and it was obvious that there was going to be something wrong with stewies parachute when he jumped out of the plane.If this thought ran across your mine you were very correct, when Stewie popped his parachute it said “I’m a homo” on the inside. I was expecting the parachute not to work at all but i still let out a hearty laugh watching it. Another thing that I thought was predictable was when Brian lost the bet and took forever to pay Stewie back. I knew that he would eventually pay him back as well. Predictibility can also be thrilling if you are watching a scary movie because you know what about to happen but it still scares you anyways.

Thats one of the reasons why i am a fan of the shows i watch. Everyone has different reasons why they like their favourite shows. My reason will always be the fact that i dont like shows that are like every other show out there. Also because i love shows with a great sense of humor and a great storyline like “patriot games”. Whether you watch shows for the information they give out or just because you think they are comical they will have elements like stereotypes, violence, predictibility and certain demographics.


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