Jake Spak Dr. Block11/08/10 Jake Spak, a 19-year-old actor, and a long-time resident of Los Angeles died yesterday due to a tragic acting related stunt.

While acting in his anticipated movie “Death is Tragic,” Jake attempted a very dangerous yet necessary motorcycle jump scene. All of the calculations and measures were taken to ensure Jake a safe 50 foot jump. Unfortunately, when Jake was landing, the pressure on the bike was too high and therefore caused the engine to explode instantly. As a result, the force of the explosion caused Jake’s legs to tear off and fly in two opposite directions.Jake’s body quickly propelled into the air because of his tight grip on the handle bars. Blood scattered on many fans watching this gruesome event.

First, Jake’s accomplishments far exceeded the expectations of the average actor. The acting Hall of Fame, which is now being visited more often, was dedicated to him in honor of his short life and unfortunate death. Also, Jake can be found on the set of his first movie, “Babies are Just So Cute,” when he was only 2. Not only was he the main character of this movie, but he also won 2 awards in honor of his brilliance and excellence in the field of acting.Furthermore, Jake won numerous Grammy awards and Oscars before hitting age 10. Awards such as “Actor of the Year” and “Actor of the Decade” were presented to him when he was only 15. His recent movies, which critics have been raving about, have won awards such as “Best Picture” and “Most Grossed. ” Furthermore, Jake was known to be an inspirational actor and individual.

After the death, reporters rushed to hear words from his family and die-hard fans. One reporter gathered from Jake’s mother, “Jake was truly an inspiration to all of us and he will be very missed. “Jake inspired me to be an actor,” Jake’s brother said sobbing, “and look at me now; I’m worth millions but now I feel like shit. ” “Jake was the type that motivated his fans and inspired them to live to the fullest,” Jake’s manager reported. “He transformed negative people into positive people instantly.

Many people don’t know, but Jake was also a motivational speaker who wanted to inspire everyone to be happy. And this inspirational speaking was done free for schools and venues around the world. If only his speeches were as much known as his movies, then fans would really know how great of a guy he actually was,” Jake’s manager stated. Jake inspired me on and off the set to just feel better about myself and live fuller,” Jake’s girlfriend stated. In addition, the contents of Jake’s will showed just how caring and nice he was.

Jake’s large supply of money was split 80% to 20% with the majority going towards several charities supporting the needy and the remaining 20% to his family. His house will be awarded to his girlfriend and her family to reside in. Next, his awards are to be given to his devoted manager, as a thanks for Jake’s success. Also, Jake’s valuables will be given to life-long friend, Andy.Finally, Jake’s funeral arrangements have been set to take place November 20 at the Acting Hall of Fame. In lieu of flowers, Jake’s family would appreciate a list of better camera crews, because they do not want this tragedy to happen to Jake’s brother. The funeral will be filmed, of course, by a different camera crew and the film will be used in his unfinished film, “Death is Tragic. ” Also, since Jake’s body was never recovered, only his two legs will be buried as the only remains of him found.

Conclusively, the eulogy will be given by Jake through video because he has already prepared it in case of this tragic event.


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