Often in life an individual comes to perceive some injustices which further on bring a huge impact in one’s life, causing a twist in the person’s relationships. This is evident in W. D. Walgardson’s short story celebration.

Where two living souls who love each other but their acts causes them to somewhat lose each other. As said in the introduction, in his short story W. D. Walgardson lightens up two healthy living individuals who deep down in their heart love each other but their ways of looking at each other and treating each other makes them lose respect for one and another.This is seen in celebration that the main characters Eric and Mabel are always in some sort of dispute yet love each other. Their behaviour doesn’t let them make a place in their heart.

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This is logical when Eric says “lousy bitch” and Mabel says “I don’t have anywhere else to go. ” It is seen that Eric feels all alone in the world, that’s because of his way of act towards Mabel and her response. In order, to make his place and to feel special, one has to change his perspective towards his love ones.Another example of the new perspective influencing an individual’s life is present in the short story “The Jade Peony” by Wayson Choy. The main character “grandma” lives in her own world ignoring all the facts that she needs to be more “modernised” in order to be treated well. She needs to understand the fact that she has to go with the flow, the world has changed, but she ignores it.

She keeps her old perspectives and cannot deal with the new ones made by the world.She is taunted, because of her acts. In conclusion, I would say that, for the most time in life, an individual encounters some situations where he has to adopt the present leaving its past behind, or one has to compromise with the situation in order to be accepted in the world. The new perspectives influence a person’s life by forcing him to sometimes sacrifice its beloved habits. It also influences an individual’s relationship with his loved ones; it is not always negative but not positive either.


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