This semester, in the English 100 class that I have taken, I realize I have learned a lot more than I originally thought.

In my efforts of writing this paper, flipping through my different notes, I really have learned how to write better papers. I learned how to use a web-log, also referred to as a blog. I had never posted on a blog and I didn’t even know what one was. It is very interesting to me that our English classes were able to read each others postings and writings on the blog we used for our homework and also comment on other peoples work. And, that anybody on the world-wide web can also read and comment on our writings.

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I have also learned about the difference between “academic” writing and non-academic writing. These are different types of writing; formal and non-formal. These different types of writing can also be used to help you speak better and more appropriately during conversations. I have also learned how to compose better English papers. Learning the different parts of language has also helped me.

I’ve learned from the book we used, “They Say, I Say,” how to use different types of templates for writing and also, that each paragraph should have a topic sentence.Everything that I have learned this semester in my English class has helped me with my writing abilities. It has even helped me improve on my speaking and in conversations. One very important issue is the difference between “academic” writing and non-academic writing, formal and informal.

I did know that formal writing has to be different from informal writing, but what Mr. Bennett taught me was how important the difference is. At the beginning of the semester I didn’t have muchconfidence in my writing abilities at all, but now I do. Thank you Mr. B.


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