I. Purpose: * In this project I built a car out of only paper, straws, wheels, and hot glue. The car was to protect and egg, comparable to how real cars protect us.

If you built a car that did not protect the egg, it is comparable to you having been in a fatal car crash. II. Variables: * With the building of our cars, we were measuring the mass of the egg, mass of the car, time for it to go down the track, and the width so that it would fit down the track. The variable that affects our cars the most is the mass.

If your car weighs to little, it will go at high speeds and the egg will most likely not be protected, but if the car weighs to much it might not make it all the way down the track. III. Materials: * 7-8 pieces of computer paper * 4 plastic bendy straws * Lots of hot glue * 2 sets of wheels and axles * 1 egg, large Grade A * Markers for decorating IV. Methods * To construct my project, I first began building the protection chamber for the egg.

I glued 4 or 5 sections of paper together to make it sturdy and safe. I made a flap that tucked in so that the egg could not fall out.I then glued more paper together in the shape of a box. There was a base and a lid, sort of like a Christmas present. I put straws around the metal of the axle and glued them onto 4 pieces of straws glued to together. All that was left after that was to glue the box onto the straws connecting the wheels.

I then filled it with some scraps of paper so the protection chamber could not move around. * The main problem I encountered while building my project was how to get the wheels off of a toy truck. I solved this problem with the aid of Mr.Farrand, 3 pairs of pliers, some very strong scissors, and a hammer. =] The other problem I encountered was that the wheels fell off after every test run. I solved this problem by simply gluing the wheels back on. V. Pictures VI.

Data Table Distance traveled | 6. 1 m| Time of run| 2. 2 s| Width of car| 6 cm| Mass w/o egg| 64. 4 g| VII. Calculations * Average Velocity of my car(m/s) * d/t = 6. 1m/2.

2s * V=2. 77m/s * Final Velocity of my car(m/s) * Vf= 2V = 2(2. 77m/s) * Vf = 5. 54m/s * Momentum of my car when it hit the barricade( kg*m/s) * 68. g*(1kg/1000g) = . 0682 kg * p=mv = . 0682kg(5.

54 m/s) * 0. 377828 kg*m/s * Force on the egg when it hit the barricade (N) * F=(mass egg)(change in velocity)/(change in time) * 64. 4g*(1kg/1000g) = . 0644kg * F=(. 0644kg)(5.

54m/s)/(. 01s) * 35. 6776 N VIII. * My vehicle lived up to my expectations very well. I expected that my car would protect the egg. My car did a very good job of keeping the egg safe.

I am very proud of it. The only problem I had with my car is that the wheels kept falling off. We just continued to fix them though. IX.Conclusion * I decided to go with a simple construction for my car. I designed it to resemble a Christmas present. I made a compartment that goes inside of the box which the egg is inserted into.

I did not use any crumple zones, just tried to keep the box as sturdy as I could so that it did not move around a lot. * I am going to compare my car to Kenny’s. My car weighed much less and was way smaller than Kenny’s.

Both of our eggs survived. Some advantages he had on my car were that since it weighed more, it took a longer time to reach the end of the track.The greater the time, the less the force exerted on the car. My car was designed well because it stayed on the track, and the egg had no damage. It went to the end of the track in a quicker time, so there was less time for a mistake like it falling off course. * If Kenny’s car weighed 145g, and took 10. 3s to reach the end, the force in which it impacts the barricade is 7. 753 Newtons.

This is assuming that the mass of our eggs were equal at 64. 4g. * Average velocity= d/t = 6. 2m/10. 3s =. 6019m/s * Vf = 2v= 2(.

019m/s) = 1. 204m/s * F= (. 0644kg)(1. 204m/s)/(. 01s) = 7. 753N * To improve the performance of my car, I could use less glue to cause the weight of the car to decrease causing the time to travel the course to decrease causing the velocity to increase.

There is no definite need of improvement with my car because it was quick down the course, the egg was protected, and no damage was done to the car except the missing wheels. So if I found a better way to glue my wheels on so they did not fall off, that would certainly help.


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