The concept of Ecological services is how we are using the environment to provide a better service for us and to also help the environment. There are several different types of Ecological services that we can discuss that provide different services for animals and humans alike.The types of ecological services that I would like to discuss are purification of air and water, maintenance of biodiversity, decomposition of wastes, soil and vegetation regeneration and renewal, pollination of crops and natural vegetation, groundwater recharge through wetlands, seed dispersal, greenhouse gas mitigation, and aesthetically pleasing landscapes. The purification of air and water is cleaning the imperfections out of the air and water to produce a better breathable air and drinkable water.The maintenance of biodiversity provides different habitats for different species that inhabit them which enriches species and process diversities within a given ecosystem. Ecological services are a way that we are able to provide a better service for humans and animals alike. If we are able to continue to do work on this we will be helping the environment thrive. The environment is one of the most important things in our lives that we need to be taking care of.

A lot of people take the environment for granted and if they could just take this class they would start to understand the problems that we are having with our environments and that it is not just in one country. We as this generation need to be aware of the hazards that are affecting our environment and to also train our children the next generation so, that they are also aware of the hazards.If we are able to successfully do this we will be able to lower the depletion of our natural resources. Works Cited: http://en. wikipedia. org/wiki/Ecological_goods_and_services retrieved on 16 Nov 2010 http://www. fao.

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