In Today’s culture in every professional field there are ethical decision making. Honest principles in any group are essentially the study of what makes up the good and bad or the right and wrong conduct in the workplace environment. Working as a case manager one runs into quite a a small number of ethical decisions making. These ethical decisions making can cause the case manager to mention and refer to the codes of ethics in there company.For instance, the last four months I have been working with a young woman who has a long account of marrying men and not obtaining a divorce before marrying the next man. while I have discuss with her numerous times about how unethical this was and that it was against the law our conversation together never seem to amaze him.

Lately it was brought to my attention that she was in a relationship with my friend. Still, neither she nor my friend has any thought that I am aware that he and she are dating.The ethical issues going on in this meticulous situation are that my friend is dating another one of my clients, and as of the present time I know that he and she are dating. Consequently from this ethical, issues I am going to feel bad from conflicts of interest since I am emotional wrapped up with my friend because he is my family and I am already aware of my client’s history of marring men without divorcing the other. My first thought would be how to protect my friend from any damage that my client may bring to her.This would be the ethical choice for myself when in position to supporting my friend but not ethical when it applies to my job. Currently I know there are changes that need to be made if, I want to follow the rules of my job and maintain my job as a case worker.

Working as a case manager I know that all case managers who foresee a potential conflict of interest linking the individuals receiving services or see him or being put into a conflicting position should clarify to the clients.They should elucidate what their part will be with the individuals involved and take appropriate actions to take care of any conflict of interest that may arise (National Association of Social Workers, 2010). One of the codes of ethics for a social worker is not to participate, condone or associated him or herself with dishonesty, fraud, or deception.

Based on the actions the case manager is already believed to be playing a part in dishonesty, fraud, and deception (National Association of Social Workers, 2010).The reason for this belief is that I am aware that my client has been marry several times without gaining a legal divorce from his previous wife. Case managers should avoid conflicts of interest that cause a problem with their professional good judgment and impartial judgment (The Coalition for the Needy, 2009-2010). The ethical challenges that case managers face every day along with a whole variety of problems that may happen are why ethics play such an essential part in companies, and why their judgment is sometimes question.

A case manager should tell his or her clients as soon as possible when a potential conflict of interest arises and do what is necessary to take care of the issue. The issues should be taken care in a way that protects the best interest of the client. In some cases the professional relationship between the client and the case manager may have to be put in the care of another worker (The Coalition for the Needy, 2009-2010). Significant of all the rules that have been made accessible for case managers to chase the changes taking place and why they are talking place is that I want what is in the best concern for my client.Consequently I will be trying to refer him to a different case manager since I do not consider that it would be the right thing to do for myself to persist being his case manager. I believe that if I were to prolong working with this client I may not see the case and its total from a professional outlook; I could be unfair to this client and cause unintentional hurt if he were to cause harm.

If I were to handle the circumstances in this way I could because harm not only to the client but also to myself, my company, and coworkers as well.Any association, company depends on its employees to provide it with accurate information so that work can be done correctly as well as timely. The way in which an employee behaves in a workplace is a reflection on how the company is seen (The Coalition for the Needy, 2009-2010). In the event I would have chosen to continue to work with him and impose harm to him in anyway the results could lead to me losing my job and pose a negative appearance to my company. If this happens this would not be good for anyone and it would definitely be seen as a conflict of interest that could results in serious problems.As a result of me following the rules of the case manager codes of ethics, I could make good on my desired outcomes to refer him to another worker and not do harm this client in anyway.

To experience of working with a client who in some sort of way may be affected by me personally gave me insight into how to handle any future situations that may arise in my profession as a case manager. All case managers should refer any client to another case manager if he or she believe he or she are not able to help that client or he or she believe he or she are not making any progress with that client (The Coalition for the Needy, 2009-2010).In the case with me, it was not that I could not help my client I, just could no longer work with him because of the relationship he had with my sister.

I had no choice in the matter and if I would have continue working with him I would have been bias toward him especially if my sister would have been hurt. This type of relationship with a client is not health. This type of relationship will result in dynamics of ethics and cause more harm than good.

My whole outlook about these issues is a case managers should never allow his or her on personal feelings about a client to interfere with the way he or she is being taken care of.If a person believes that he or she may wrong a client in any way he or she should eliminate his or herself from the circumstances and allow someone else in his or her profession to help him or her. individuals must always keep in mind that his or her client is the one who needs his or her help and he or she should always do what is best for his or her client at all times regardless of the situation. Professional ethics are the main beliefs and principles that describe an individual’s responsibilities and behavior in any profession.Thoughtfulness in how to handle the dynamics of ethics comes about with the provided skills necessary to be a case manager.References National Association of Social Workers.

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