The dream act.

Every year, about 2. 8 million students graduate from a United States high school. They have dreams of going to college or to the military to have an opportunity to make something of their lives. However, each year, there is also a group of about 65,000 students who will not have that chance to advance in their lives (CIR_DREAM paragraph 1). They are unable to do so because they were brought to the US illegally by their parents when they were children, and have the status of an illegal immigrant.Regardless of the fact that these individuals have lived their entire lives in the US, these immigration statuses affect their ability to obtain a higher education. Although an immigrant may have been residing in the state for years, they are not allowed to receive in-state tuition for college and must pay the high out of state or the international student tuition instead.

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Due to the fact that they are illegal immigrants, most individuals in these families are not able to acquire jobs that pay higher than minimum wage and cannot afford to go to college because of these high tuition rates. On this essay I will explain the background of the dream act, why the dream act should be passed, what would be the possible benefits and what struggle is having in the congress. In 2007, the Dream Act was introduced. The Dream Act (Development, Relief and Education for Alien Minors Act) offers legalization for illegal immigrants through education.

This act will open up opportunities to immigrant high school graduates of good moral character who were brought to the United States at a young age without Legal statute, people who are eligible for the dream act entered the United States before age 16 and are currently under 35; have been continuously physically present in the United States for at least five years prior to enactment; have a high school diploma or GED or have been accepted to college; demonstrate good moral character; and high education level achievement.The dream act is necessary because Immigrant students graduating high school in the United States without legal status have virtually no options. Legally, they cannot get a job. They cannot join the military. In most states, they cannot attend college.

Moreover, most did not decide to enter the country illegally; their parents made the decision for them. The DREAM Act provides them with the option to remain in the country if they attend college or join the military, if DREAM Act were to pass, over the next 10 years, it would contribute 2. BILLION back to the economy, and it would only cost the nation about $900 million, so in total we’d contribute back $1,400,000,000 over the course of the next 10 years.

“CBO and JCT estimate that enacting the bill would reduce deficits by about $1. 4 billion over the 2011-2020 periods. ” This is great news, something we have all been touting for a while. Dreamers are net benefit to this nation not a draw on resources. We give back with everything we do and only want the opportunity to be able to legalize.Republicans are worried about more spending and the national debt well we need to tell them the DREAM Act is a part of the solution to that problem.

We got a new bill earlier this week that compromised to republicans and now we have the data to show we have a bill that also caters to their desires. Majority of Americans support a measure that would give legal status to illegal im“A migrants who came to the U. S. as children if they join the military or go to college, according to a new national survey. -Washington (CNN) December 10th, 2010


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