Defense of the Ancients (DOTA) has been a phenomenon of addiction to the minors in the Philippines CAUSE Great graphics, continual updated features and endless new characters Why? To entertain and to have fun Why? To gain fulfillment Why? To satisfy their craving ego SUB-QUESTION How to prevent addiction to the minors by not letting their ego drown? Lamorena, Aris Vincent M.

FV0831 – RSMET INTRODUCTION Playing games is a natural part of growing.It’s one way that kids learn to socialize, compete, to fulfill their craving ego, to entertain, to have fun and sometimes to escape from depression. Computer and online games, in most instances, are no more dangerous than other games that kids play outdoors. But sometimes, computer and online games with the touch of modern technology, it become more than just play. They become an addiction.

And when they became an addiction, it will be hard for the parents and to them to end what has been started. INTRODUCTION 2 This research is intended to prevent the addiction of the minors in playing computer games specifically DOTA.We have included negative and positive effects of the game, its advantage and disadvantages and some professional advices. Online games like DOTA can be a good social platform of the minors if it was directed the right way. The positive effects of playing DOTA are for the youth to communicate teenagers who initially don’t know each other can easily be friends, they will also learn to strategize and boost their reflexes for DOTA is for smart ones,http://us.

norton. com/library/familyresource/article. jsp? aid=fr_onlinegaming_addiction


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