Have you ever gotten distracted while driving in a car? Every day that you watch the news you either hear of someone getting into a car accident, by either talking or texting on a cell phone. It is becoming increasingly common for people to wreck due to distractions while driving. Talking and texting are just a couple ways that people get distracted while driving. According to The U.

S. Department of Transportation, in 2008, about twenty percent of all crashes in the year involved some sort of distraction (distraction. gov). There are numerous effects of getting distracted while driving.Although, a large amount of people may not think that they get sidetracked, but they do by texting or talking on the phone, changing the radio, and by drinking or eating food. One major distraction while driving is when people either texting or talking on a cell phone. For instance, People under the age of twenty one years old had the highest proportion of distracted drivers involved in fatal crashes in 2008.

An estimated twenty one percent of 1,630,000 injury causing crashes were reported to have involved either texting on the phone while driving according to National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s.The effects of texting and talking on the phone can cause you to get into car accidents. This could cause someone to acquire injuries or possibly death.

Using a cell phone or any other handheld device while driving, delays a driver’s reaction just as much as having a blood alcohol concentration of . 08 percent. In addition, not only is texting on a cell phone bad, but changing the radio station may also be just as bad for your reaction time while driving.

A second major distraction while driving is changing the radio station.While changing a station you may eventually take your eyes off the radio for just a couple seconds, and that can be very dangerous. As a result, someone could possible rear end the person in front of them because they stopped, and you did not see it. Changing the radio is just as bad as texting and talking on the phone. Just because you are not typing a message to someone, you still are taking your eyes of the road, which is still very dangerous. Some people do not use the radio because they may not like what is on the radio, but those who do listen to the radio while driving run the risk of eing distracted. Therefore, they use their iPods which can be just as bad as a using a phone while driving.

You might be taking your eyes off the road to scroll through your list of music, to find a song that you wish to listen to, while you are driving. Seventy nine percent of texting and changing the radio are major distractions while driving, but people who of drink and eat food while they are driving are also distracted. If you are eating in your vehicle while driving, you are focusing on your food and not on your driving.You are not only chewing and swallowing the food, you are also drinking, opening packages, unwrapping and re-wrapping food, reaching, leaning, spilling, and cleaning yourself or your vehicle. These are quite a number of distractions for one driver. As a result, a staggering eighty percent of all car accidents and sixty five percent of near misses are caused by distracted drivers who are more focused on their burgers other than the road. Distractions like drinking and eating can become a problem for drivers who cannot react quickly to a sharp curve, according to a study by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.Eventually no matter what you do, you will get distracted while driving.

Now obviously texting on the phone, changing the radio and drinking and eating food are major distractions while driving. There are numerous others that can cause someone to get distracted while driving. The effects of distractions while driving can cause you to wreck you vehicle and could leave you with injuries for doing something stupid.

The next time you drive; do yourself a favor by not getting distracted. No matter how minor it can be, the results may not be too good in your favor.


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