After being forced to watch a Documentary on the world of Bacha Bazi, I was torn apart. It truly disgusts me how humans can do this to one another. I mean, these boys have family and a life. And the men who participate in Bacha Bazi are of the higher class, some even the police.

Am I the only person who wonders “Why? ” A lot of the Bacha Bazi “Masters” and participants are men of wealth and class. These men also have families and children. Where is there conscious while they sit around and watch these boys perform?Where is there conscious when they sexually abuse these boys? While filming this documentary, Quraishi interviewed the local police. They tell Quraishi that any men who participate in ANY part of Bacha Bazi will be punished.

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Later on in the film, Quraishi sees two of the police he interviewed at a party! Also, may of the people who work for the government, speak out against it but they also partake in it. So much for the justice system, right? It saddens me greatly knowing that families are selling their sons to Bacha Bazi masters for money.I know that Afghan values, traditions, and culture is very different from ours, but what about love or respect for their family? Isn’t that something most people share in common for each other? I thought that was part of being human; taking care of and loving your family. At this point, I believe I am wrong about that. These boys are not allowed to stray or speak out, for they will be beaten, and very likely, killed.

I would like to find an orginization or a way to help, or at least make people more aware of Bacha Bazi. Thank you for taking the time to read this.


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