Scholars are able to find out how early people have lived for with no written records by the artifacts left behind such as tools, pottery, bones and graves. (AIU-Online, 2010) Scientists and scholars use a process called radiocarbon dating to determine the age of the carbon-based objects which is based on the rate of decay.

When they determine how long the materials have been decaying they can then suppose the age. AIU-Online, 2010) Anna Roosevelt and her team argues there was a prehistoric society in the low-lying area of the Amazon where people settled at rivers and estuaries in order to better take advantage of the natural food sources which they later used to make pottery more than 1,000 years before pottery appeared in other areas. (AIU-Online, 2010) Even though the Natives outnumbered the Europeans, the dominance of the Europeans came after they brought infectious diseases that were unfamiliar to the natives that they had no immunities to which aided in their power as well as the resources or gunpowder, steel and crossbows. AIU-Online, 2010)Because there are no real facts or evidence to why or how an entire group of people can disappear the possibilities seem endless.

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They could have been taken over by another group of people, or each other. Another way could be the possibility of migration, as many people come and go, the group may have finally dwindled down to nothing. They could’ve starved to death or just died from disease or infection as the immunizations were not common back in these days. References: AIU-Online.

com, (2010). Indigenous People and the European Explorers in South America, From M. U. S. E. Retrieved November 25, 2010|


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