Many people look at road safety as non-essential, but always there. What people don’t know is that everyday more than one hundred peopled are killed due to road safety, or lack thereof. Around six thousand people are injured or incalpacrated due to this (source1). Road safety is a very important issue; it effects most people’s lives. Whether they know it or not.

Police officers have a key role in ebcouraging improved road-user behavior. The general deterrence provided by police and will promote the public perception that compliance “everywhere all the time” is the best way of avoiding penalties and improving safety.The safety of road transportations is a product of the interactions between the driver, roadway, and the vehicles. Advances in the design improved driver performance, and enhancement of the roadway have all contributed to the level of safety we presently enjoy. from traffic levels well beyond those anticipated.

Particularly at the outskirts of urban areas (source 10). General road improvements have been found to reduce fatalities by two lives per annum per one hundred million dollars invested and provide benefit/cost ratios averaging at 3. (source 13). As road improvememnts continue to be a need today’s growing traffic volume increases everyone’s potential exposure to accidents.

Inadequate maintainence and improper installation of safety features such as guardrails and barriers are potential safety problems on all highways (source 10). An aging driver population reduced compliance with traffic regulations, higher traffic speeds, aggressive driving behavior, and demands for the road by use of pedestrians and bicyclists pose additional challenges.Improvement of the Road safety A car accident is part of a list of problems on the road. Car accidents can happen to drivers anytime, anywhere, and even with those who are careful. This essay will deal with the road safety problem.

I will discuss about main causes of the car accidents, and possible solutions for this problem. Now let’s look at the problem more closely. Every year the number of car accidents increase, due to increasing the number of cars on the road. (Preston, 2007) The main causes of the car accidents are driver istractions, drunken drivers, driver fatigue, using cellular phones while driving, speeding, aggressive driving, mechanical failure, road conditions and weather. (Morris, n/d) (Unknown 1, 2005) Usually the most affected in car accident is driver, but passengers and pedestrians also are affected by the road accident.One of the possible solutions of this problem could be car safety, which include active and passive safety. Active safety means that this system helps driver to avoid an accident.

Passive safety serves to save alive for driver, passengers in case of accident. Unknown 2, n/d) Nowadays some of the active and passive safety features already installed in majority of cars for example such systems as Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) which helps to stop car more effective and Electronic Stability Control (ESC) which stabilize a car on the road by correcting oversteering or understeering, improving traction on slippery or icy roads. (Unknown 2, n/d) There are such systems as proximity monitors which shows how close is your car to the vehicle ahead and drifting monitors which alert driver when car drifts.


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