On September 26, 2008, Justice Minister Don Morgan released the findings of the Milgaard inquiry. Among its recommendations it includes a call for the federal government to create an independent body to review allegations of wrongful conviction. The report noted that if such a body already existed, Milgaard might have been released from jail years before he actually was. In keeping with tradition MacCallum exonerates his brother lawyers in the crowns office and the Saskatoon Police Department.It should be noted that a complete lack of professionalism was shown by many of the Saskatoon crown’s office, especially Bobs Caldwell, crown prosecutor, whom claims he had numerous questions about how the murder took place but ignored them all. The Saskatoon police department, which was visited in 1980 by Linda Fisher, ex wife of Gail’s actual murderer, Larry Fisher. Linda stated she believed that Larry had likely killed Gail.

The Saskatoon Police Department never bothered to follow up, so Milgard languished in prison, innocently for another 12 years. Unbelievably, the inquiry report just released by Justice MacCallum attempts to place blame on Joyce Milgard, David Milgard’s mother, saying her hostility towards Saskatoon’s Crown office and Police officials during the time she was attempting to have his case reviewed, actually delayed his release. While MacCallum noted that Milgard’s family members mounted a formidable public awareness campaign, their efforts also created tension and resentment within the police and the Crown’s office. ” Reality is, that had Joyce Milgard not been so outspoken, David would still be in prison today. To have the audacity, as a “justice” to go after a mother for defending her innocent son is the epitome of unprofessionalism.

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The malfeasance committed by all involved from 1969 to today shows the disturbing state of the Canadian justice system.


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