Describe DaimlerChrysler’s business strategy? Why has the company been so successful? DaimierChrysler studied every step in the vehicle production and sales process, starting with the first stage of vehicle design and ending with its service and repair. The company becomes more successful because it has its own System through which they build a series of information that automate and streamline all of its transaction, queries, support, service and maintenance with suppliers around the world. 2.Describe the role of management, organization, and technology in DaimlerChrysler’s business strategy? Management perspective: Monitoring the total information system and make the adjustments, decision, initiative depending upon the manufacturing, delivery process, service etc with their linked customers and suppliers worldwide. Organizational perspective: They are creating clear structures, chain of command and follow the process in all areas of the company which attain them a leading position of international market with regard to operational excellence.Technological perspective: Integrated Planning System connects demand side of business with suppliers, this system reducing inventories. Global supplier portal is connecting not only with its suppliers but also their internal to share the information. Power way system helps the suppliers to track parts and quality, this system reducing errors.

3. How well do information systems support DaimlerChrysler’s business strategy? Explain your answer?DaimlerChrysler’s information systems use both technology and knowledge of the business to enable the company and its suppliers to respond instantly to changes in the marketplace or other events. This system gives the ability to monitor and react to data with their suppliers and related companies whose are linked with the system. Through this information system DaimlerChrysler creating competitive advantages in worldwide competition for all their vehicles and making themselves global present and network. . Do you think DaimlerChrysler can continue growing at its current rate? Explain your answer? Yes, I think so.

DaimlerChrysler is a fully modern digital firm. Such digital firms use the technology to make the data flow seamlessly among different parts of the organization; streamline the flow of work and create electronic links with customers, suppliers and other organizations. Through their information system, they can make their business more competitive, efficient and profitable in the future also.


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