Critically analyze the major difference between Bureaucratic Vs non-bureaucratic organizations.

A bureacratic organization is basically an organization run by the government. It is bureacratic for the reason that there is a lot of red tape involved. It means that for a single thing to be done it has to be passed through the different heads of departments. Thus it will go from the president to the Vice President to Managers to Subordinates under him and the list is continuous. For instance take example which relates to government assets.Let’s say you want to take used materials from any government institute i.

e. (used cars), you will have to fill out and complete different forms and wait like for ever before you actually acquire obtain what you want. Bureaucracies are base on set-in-stone rules and guidelines, expressed and backed up with written work. Because they are so rigid, they are best-used in industries where changes do not often happen, where a set routine streamlines production and makes it efficient.

A non bureacratic organization is )Assess and select which style is suitable for your selected organization and why? For our organization bureaucracy is the best style because bureaucracy has so much happening in it that everyone’s responsibility must be clear. Because, everyone is responsible for answering to their managers and every manager is responsible for the actions of the people under him. Under this style bureaucracies have strict rules that cannot be bent or broken. This is to ensure that everyone in the organization sticks to their job, and that production and communication are kept to a single, unified standard. )Assess and examine the advantage and disadvantages of your selected style in your organization? As bureaucracy style the advantages include the increased control and monitoring of upper level management.

The success of our organizations depend upon the wise decisions of top management.If the top management is good, then results can be favorable and if the top management is not good then it can result in disaster. This bureaucracy style brings to overall running and efficiency of our business and our mployees. In our organization, each our employee of the organization knows precisely what their duties are within the organization and therefore many tasks will be performed a lot quicker and more efficiently. So therefore the advantages of a bureaucratic style in our organization are: (I) More control over the employees with clear rules and regulations. (II) The system is centralized and all the decisions can be monitored. (III) There is standardization and everyone has to follow the same procedure.

IV)Clear division of work with boundaries to responsibilities. (V) A well defined hierarchy of authority. (VI) Formal written documentation of actions and decisions. Despite advantages of bureaucracy there are also disadvantages of bureaucratic style and that is our organization includes lack of innovation.

All the processes, tasks and responsibilities in our organization are so much fixed that the innovation procedure is nearly eliminated. In our organization employees get demotivated because of lesser employee participation, contribution and involvement.Human Resource cannot be utilized and implemented in the fullest manner by optimizing creativity which is the prime disadvantage in bureaucratic structure of the organizations. So the weaknesses are: (I) The decision making and all the other processes are very slow. (II) The jobs may become boring for the employees.

(III) The communication has to go through so many levels that it gets distorted. (IV) Too much control discourages innovation and creativity. (V) There are too many levels in the hierarchy. (VI) The bureaucracy itself encourages political behavior and people try to use other means to go up the hierarchy.


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