Critical Commentary on Shamhat Shamhat – The reason I chose Shamhat, is because I believe she had a key role in the tale of Gilgamesh.

As I did a little more research I found that ahe was a adolescent and that in the end with Endiku she found herself with child but could not find much more on this. She represents herself as a woman, seduction solely to her, when she introduces herself to Enkidu and the earth. She was the temple prostitute who tames Enkidu by seducing im away from his ingrained environment by the request of his brother Gilgamesh. Though Shamhat’s power comes from her sexuality, which is more compared to civilization rather than raw nature. The sensuous advancements of lifestyle and eating and drinking and so forth are portrayed well by Shamhat.

The role of women in The Epic of Gilgamesh is imperative in the tale. And she is one all-important one in this story.Her presence was brief but was reverently noted in the tale. But what is her real reason or her role in this story? She brings about a change, and transformation. She is mysterious and magical as the co-creator of the knowledge presented to Enkidu and her sensuality is a main point that helps to bring Enkidu into the transformation a man. She was believed to be the ultimate of seduction. She can be known for the eloquent woman in the role she played on giving Enkidu a new change of life. Changing his world and giving him the meaning of being a ‘man’.

She gave him the hance to change for the better and discover what the world around him has to offer a human man, not a man beast. When she gave him to Gilgamesh, who in turn bonded and learned from Enkidu himself, he acquired the meaning of brotherly bonding and comprehension of strength and love. She seems to vanish once Enkidu is with Gilgamesh as not much was to be found written of her there after, but her image is influential to the exemplar of herself was not in need of a man to give her a name to herself.

Hence why she did not love Enkidu.Love was for sharing and this was one of her main points in changing Enkidu into ‘man’. She takes his universe and turns it around so he can better see what is out there beyond nature and what was his calling, I believe. Her presence is strong and fundamental in this tale as the the harlot who showed how to share love and to become one with another human.Works ?ited: http://www. gatewaystobabylon. com/gods/ladies/shamhat. html http://ezinearticles.

com/? The-Tale-of-Shamhat–[In-Uruk-with-Gilgamish]&id=60457


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