I spent my whole childhood in a little village. And the first time when I traveled to a large city, I heard some city people saying that given chance, they would prefer to live in the countryside far away from the noisy and dirty city. I could not help wondering why the nature and the open space were more attractive than the modernization and grand buildings .As far as I’m concerned, country life has the advantage over city life of the sense of belonging , but living in the city gives people a special feeling of superiority . The inhabitants of countryside are always bound by a sense of community, but they also suffer from being cut off from the exciting outside world.

They have the advantage of knowing that there is someone to turn to when they need help and some ideal places to go when they need to be alone. The life is simple but cozy enough..

But the inconvenient transportation and underdevelopment of economy deprive villagers the possibility of going to a new show or a latest movie, and make shopping a major problem. City life may breed a scaring feeling of isolation but it can also focus people’s attention. Living in the tower blocks, all people can see from the window is sky and the concrete building jungle. Gradually they tend to hide their feelings and don’t even say hello to the neighbors.However, compared to the countryside, the city is a center of fashion and events, and an ocean of opportunities and material prosperity. Besides, the life in the city does not come to an end at ten at night like it does in the countryside. Instead of distinguishing one from the other, we can integrate country life with city life.

Because the combination of the sense of belonging and the feeling of superiority will exert a profound meaning in a person’s whole life.


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