On the basis of the theory of reasoned action (presented in chapter 8 of the recommended text) how would you explain the positive attitude formation towards men’s skin care products or services in the Malaysia market? Answer: Let’s first start by explained the terminologies: Attitude – a learned predisposition to behave in a consistently favourable or unfavourable manner with respect to a given object.Theory of reasoned action: Includes cognitive, affective and cognitive components.

In this model, we also need to understand subjective norms or how a consumer is influenced by others. A consumer has beliefs about what other people think they should do, and also have differing levels of how likely they will follow those beliefs, also known as their motivation to comply with the referents.So the positive attitude towards men’s skin care products or services in the Malaysia market is mainly influenced by the consumer’s beliefs about the products and services, what has been said about the product by other consumers matters much to other consumers for example one man will buy the skin care products and use them then after using them he will go and tell other men about these good skin care products he uses and by that he is selling the products, he is marketing the products to other men.

The advertisements have a lot to play in so far as capturing the hearts of men about a particular product.The positive attitude that could be drawn about a product comes from mainly from the advertisement, and it has to be that the product does perform good just like the advertisement said. QUESTION 6 Compared with traditional mass media, what are the advantages and unique features of new media with respect to marketing purposes? Traditional mass media are: – newspapers, television, and radio and new media are: – internet, mobile devices, interactive kiosks, and interactive TV. Compared to traditional mass media, new media is much more advanced and advantageous in so far as marketing purposes are concerned.

Marketing provides a way for products to be availed to customers, and the new media supports marketing purposes in so many ways, looking at the fact that most people nowadays are exposed to the use of the internet and products do get advertised and marketed through the internet, everyone these days owns a phone and other products do get marketed through the use of mobile phones like new songs that have been released you will get advertisements from the subscriber telling you about a new song that is there and how you can make it your ring tone.Most things are possible with the new media, bringing products to people is way possible with the new media as compared to newspapers because not everyone does read the newspaper these days even if they do the advertisement would not be known to most like it would if it was through the internet. And as for airing the advert on television it might not reach the targeted market say if it will be played around the times where most will be at work. QUESTION 7 You are to watch an episode of a weekly television series.

Describe how the Program transmitted cultural beliefs, values, and customs. Then select and describe three commercials that were broadcast either just before or during breaks Of the program being aired. Comment on the values and culture reflected in the Commercial with respect to the TV episode. Answer: I watched Desperate Housewives, a series about housewives who are friends and stay in the same street, their cultural beliefs were material comfort, wealth and competition. They valued families and they all had certain accepted rules in the neighbourhood.The three commercials that were broadcasted before and during the breaks of the program were; one that talked about how milk is good for a child’s body, and one that talked about cars and how to get your car insured and how much privilege and much service is given to women than men and the last one was that which talked about Air freshener and how it makes one’s home smell really good. The Air freshener commercial was somewhat in line with the TV episode, one lady on the episode called Bree values a clean home that smells fresh.

Cleanliness is top of her priorities when it comes to the DO’s of her household.So in a way the commercial kind of communicated that if we want to keep our houses as clean and fresh as Bree does then that’s the air freshener to buy. QUESTION 8 How the model of consumer decision making (page 36) could be applied to explain your decision on whether or not to purchase an I-Phone? Answer: Model of consumer decision making can be applied like below when deciding whether or not to purchase an I-phone Step 1 Establish the scenario •you want to purchase an I-phone Step 2 Set a goal, being clear on the decision being made •I am trying to purchase an I phone Step 3 Identify obstacles to achieving the goal My mother feels it is too costly Step 4 Identify the alternatives to achieving the goal •My dad will help me with the money to buy •I can buy a second hand one, which is cheaper than buying a brand new one •I can wait for the prices to go down Step 5 Evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of the alternatives Advantages’ •If my dad gives me the money then I will be able to get a brand new I-phone and be able to enjoy having used it first. •If I buy a second hand I-Phone I will be able to afford it much better and even have some money left to save up Disadvantages •If I buy a brand new I-phone then I will have no extra cash left for my avings •If I buy a second hand I-phone I might find that the user sold it because it had problems. Step 6 Rank your alternatives put in order of preference •Allowing my Dad to give me the money for it •Buying the second hand I-phone Step 7 Choose the best alternative •Allowing my Dad to give me the money for it Step 8 Evaluate the consequences of your decision •I could enjoy having extra money after buying a second hand I-phone.

. but nw I will have to wait for next month so I can afford to buy other things I want because I used all the money buying the brand new I-phone Step 9 I have completed a thorough decision making process.


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